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Not MESH but almost as awesome!  de WA7NWP

A modern, multi-megabit, IP-based, digital network for amateur radio use!

HamWAN is a non-profit organization (501c3) developing best practices for high speed amateur radio data networks. HamWAN also runs the Puget Sound Data Ring, which is a real-world network implementation of the proposed designs.

Clallam County AREDN Network


Just in start up mode and getting accustomed to Ubiquiti devices and setup using AREDN .  Have several 2.4 bullets, Nanostations and a Power Beam running on channel -2 now as we just yesterday abandoned BBHN on the standard wifi channel 1.   We are proposing a system to our county emergency management  that would link Sequim emergency facilities, i.e., police, fire, city hall, and Red Cross to Port Angeles emergency facilities and then west (Phase 2) to Forks via mountain top locations at Striped Peak and Mt Ellis.  In the future (Phase 3) we would like to investigate a link with the HamWan

Yakima Amateur Radio Broadband Mesh Network


Yakima Amateur Radio Broadband Mesh Network

The YARBMN is a group of amateur radio operators in the Yakima Valley are who are interested in setting up and expanding the HSMM Mesh Network for emergency communications and high speed data transfer, including VOIP, video, messaging and other networking tasks. Since we are using Amateur Radio Frequencies, at least Technician class FCC license is required.

Facebook group:

Looking for others to tunnel in.


​Looking to tunnel with other networks outside of Yakima,WA. Please let me know if interested.
Thanks KA7HAK



An informal group generally in Western Washington focused around the NW-MESH Yahoo discussion group.


Hardware Available in the Seattle Area


I have a Rocket M2 and 120-degree antenna with ancillaries available for local pick up in the Seattle area. I bought it with the intention of getting involved in AREDN but simply don't have the time. Text me at 425-785-4556 if you are interested.

- Ubiquiti Rocket M2 2.4GHz CPE AirMax (flashed to AREDN)
- Ubiquiti AM-2G15-120 AirMax Sector 15dBi 120deg
- Ubiquiti ETH-SP-G2 Surge Suppressor/Protector
- Outdoor Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 50Ft
- Outdoor Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 20Ft
- Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Spokane County AREDN Network


I just discovered the AREDN mesh system and I'm exploring the possibility to setting up a node in the Spokane Valley but have some reservations.
First off I looked at the official AREDN map for the area (Spokane County) and see 3 nodes, one of which is 5G and within 3.5km of my location, the others are 2G and probably too far away and not line of sight for me.
Viewing the node information via the map doesn't display much information, should be enough to get connected but not much more.

Clark/Cowlitz County Tunnels

I just got my node up and running, as far as I can tell there are no active nodes in my area. Is there any tunnel servers I can link up to in the area? Thanks KW7IBE

Volunteers needed - booth duty

If we can get some local help, AREDN is considering manning a booth at SeaGL ( November 8th & 9th, in the Husky Union Building at the University of Washington.

We have need of at least a couple of 'booth dudes' and some local resources for the booth (AREDN gear, a large monitor, and/or projector and screen).
If things work out we might also give a presentation or two on AREDN.

If you're interested, contact me directly.


Orv W6BI

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