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Clark/Cowlitz County Tunnels

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Clark/Cowlitz County Tunnels
I just got my node up and running, as far as I can tell there are no active nodes in my area. Is there any tunnel servers I can link up to in the area? Thanks KW7IBE
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no active nodes in my area.

You are correct. Your closest neighbor with a tunnel is 11.6 miles distant.


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(and that's an AR150, so,

(and that's an AR150, so, don't expect too much range)

Node status towards north Clark County?

Are you aware if there are any efforts to extend the mesh north into Brush Prairie or Battle Ground?

After doing some line of site reviews online, there doesn't appear to be any valid path from my home to an active node. The ones on Lookout Mtn are unfortunately, on the wrong side of the ridge to connect anyone to the northwest. 

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