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AREDN World Map

AREDN® World Map

Current known locations of AREDN® nodes

Click HERE to view the Map

This map replaces the legacy map previously seen on this website.
 Features of the World Map:

  • If you click on one of the colored node icons in the upper-right hand corner, you select only those nodes on the map.  For example, if you click on the supernodes icon, you'll see only the supernode network.
  • If you click on a node's icon, you'll get a pop-up window containing all that node's vital data.
  • If you click on a tunnel, you'll get a pop-up window listing the node at each end of the link, the distance between the nodes, and what type of link it is.
  • In the upper-left hand corner is a menu containing:
    • topology - several map background choices
    • data - download database, available in several formats
    • channel - selectively shown any channel
    • phone - a map designed for a handheld device
    • find - will find lat/lon, a town or city, an address, or a nodename
    • measure - find the bearing and distance between two points.
  • Your mouse's roller will let you zoom in and out on the map.
  • There’s a mountain icon bottom right.   If you enable it on certain maps, various mouse gestures will let you tilt the map to see mountains, etc. 

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