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AREDN World Map


AREDN® World Map

Current known locations of AREDN® nodes

Click HERE to view the Map

This map supplements the legacy AREDN map.

 Features of the World Map:


Zooming in or out can be done with the +/- in the lower right hand corner, or with the mouse wheel.

Holding the right mouse button down and moving the mouse rotates the map (changes the bearing). Clicking on the map point in the lower RH corner restores the map bearing to north.

There’s a mountain icon bottom right. If you enable it on certain maps, various mouse gestures will let you tilt the map to see mountains, etc.

In the upper left-hand corner of the map is ‘find’. Clicking on it opens a data entry field. You can type a node name, building address, city, country or anything else the map knows about. The map will center on that location and zoom in. Wildcards obviously aren’t supported.

If you’d like to view it on a smartphone, click on “phone” in the upper LH corner.


Network Characteristics/Displays

In the upper LH corner of the map is the “map” label. The dropdown will show several different types of background. It defaults on standard, but “buildings”, “topology” and “satellite” are also available.

In the upper RH corner of the map are icons labeled with bands plus a few others. Clicking on one of them will filter the rest of the nodes on the map. For example, clicking on the Supernode icon will show only the supernodes and their links.

Another filtering tool is in the upper LH corner of the map, labeled “channel”. Clicking it yields a dropdown showing all channels available to AREDN devices. Selecting a particular channel will remove all other nodes from the displayed map. Scrolling up to the top and selecting all will restore the normal display.

If you want to know the bearing and distance between two locations, click on “measure” in the upper LH corner. Then click on one location of interest, and move your mouse to the second location. A red line will show between the two, and the bearing and distance will be displayed in the upper LH corner. Use Esc to exit the measuring mode.

If you want a data dump of the database, it’s available in several different formats under “data” in the upper LH corner.

If you click on a node's icon, you'll get a pop-up window containing all that node's vital data.

If you click on a tunnel, you'll get a pop-up window listing the node at each end of the link, the distance between the nodes, and what type of link it is.


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