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Spokane County AREDN Network

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Spokane County AREDN Network

I just discovered the AREDN mesh system and I'm exploring the possibility to setting up a node in the Spokane Valley but have some reservations.
First off I looked at the official AREDN map for the area (Spokane County) and see 3 nodes, one of which is 5G and within 3.5km of my location, the others are 2G and probably too far away and not line of sight for me.
Viewing the node information via the map doesn't display much information, should be enough to get connected but not much more.
When it comes to making the decision to spend money on equipment and time to get a node up and running it would be extremely useful to know more about the local mesh (assuming there's more here than is shown) and what capabilities are in place.  
Is there a way to obtain this information that is staring me in the face that I'm not seeing?
If so, please point me in the right direction. :)


Spokane County
The single 5 GHz node reports itself on "Tower Mountain".  If you have a clear shot to the node you may become the "Voice of Spokane Valley".  There may be other stations nearby that choose not to display their location.  It's unfortunate if they don't advertise their presence (on the map) because others may also be discouraged to invest.  You could reach out to the trustee of that node, KK7CMI.  Perhaps he may offer some encouraging info about activity in your area.
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Activity near Spokane?
Is there currently any AREDN network activity in the Spokane area?
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