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Clallam County AREDN Network

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Clallam County AREDN Network

Just in start up mode and getting accustomed to Ubiquiti devices and setup using AREDN .  Have several 2.4 bullets, Nanostations and a Power Beam running on channel -2 now as we just yesterday abandoned BBHN on the standard wifi channel 1.   We are proposing a system to our county emergency management  that would link Sequim emergency facilities, i.e., police, fire, city hall, and Red Cross to Port Angeles emergency facilities and then west (Phase 2) to Forks via mountain top locations at Striped Peak and Mt Ellis.  In the future (Phase 3) we would like to investigate a link with the HamWan system on Tiger Mt near Victoria, BC.

We have tested telephone service via FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi and Instant Message via Pidgin.  So much to learn!!

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Sequim, WA

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Congrats and welcome to AREDN
Congrats and welcome to AREDN!  Good luck on your deployment

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