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NanoBridge M5 - recomendations for firmware

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NanoBridge M5 - recomendations for firmware

I need recommendations for the correct firmware ???

UPDATE::   I SEE THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE ..... arrrrr,  Im in huge trouble 

Device Model: NanoBridge M5  v6.1.7 (XM)
Network Mode: Bridge
Wireless Mode: Station

Version: v6.1.7 (XM)
Uptime: 00:14:30
Date: 2018-05-23 18:23:23
Channel/Frequency: 53  /  5265 MHz
Channel Width: 20 MHz
Frequency Band: 5255  -  5275 MHz
Distance: 0.7 miles (1.1 km)
TX/RX Chains: 2X2
TX Power: 23 dBm
Antenna: Feed only - 3 dBi
WLAN0 MAC:00 xx
LAN0 MAC:00:xxx



Identifying some issues.  Disappointment.

Odd problem installing on NanoBridge M5

I have run across some NanoBridge M5 units that I can't install the firmware on. I can't install any version, recent or old. These have AirOS v6.2.0 (XM), when I do the tftp transfer, it almost completes and then I get the error "Firmware Check Failed". I'm just having this problem with these 4 nodes, I have no problem with others. Are there some unusual ones out there that have this problem?
August KG7BZ

unable to find GUI for NanoBridge M5

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Odd problem installing on NanoBridge M5

Odd problem installing on NanoBridge M5
Note the ath79 and ar71xx versions of Bullet

Hover over 'Software'
Drop down and click 'Nightly Builds'
Click 'Firmware is here.'
Click 'ath79'
Click 'generic'
Scroll down and right-click aredn-84-99305c5-ath79-ubnt_bullet-m-factory.bin
Use TFTP method to flash device.

I believe the ar71xx Bullet firmware is the proper "supported" version for the NanoBridge although I do have the ath79 version working on one of my Nanobridge M5 units. 

Odd problem installing on NanoBridge M5

**** still trying to resolve .... testing


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