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Odd problem installing on NanoBridge M5

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Odd problem installing on NanoBridge M5

I have run across some NanoBridge M5 units that I can't install the firmware on. I can't install any version, recent or old. These have AirOS v6.2.0 (XM), when I do the tftp transfer, it almost completes and then I get the error "Firmware Check Failed". I'm just having this problem with these 4 nodes, I have no problem with others. Are there some unusual ones out there that have this problem?

August KG7BZ

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August,   This has occurred

August,   This has occurred before and I received one to look at, which I still have (but not with me at my other QTH).    I was able to load an image on the device, so we never got to the bottom of the issue.   ...and I need to see whose callsign label I put on the device to remember who sent it to me :) .    I'm not sure if I held my hand just right when hitting the return key or did something a little different to load the image, it's been several months.


I am seeing the same thing on

I am seeing the same thing on some nanobridge M5s  I tired going back to a v5.6.15 firmware, and up to 6.3.2 but I get the error when trying to tftp arden bullet,   did you ever find a fix?
thank you

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The issue hasn't popped up

The issue hasn't popped up recently and no further activity on this issue has occurred that I'm aware of.   

Note, it is very important when changing from one version of AirOS to another version, to load the new firmware from the AirOS UI.  This is the only path that will upgrade/downgrade the bootloader.   loading AirOS with tftp process does not change the bootloader version.     If a newer version of AirOS has an upgraded bootloader in the image, and the firmware is loaded in the AirOS UI, then the bootloader code is updated on the device.   If there happened to be a conflict with OpenWRT or AREDN, then to roll back and downgrade the bootloader can only be done by downgrading AirOS from AirOS to get back to the desired older bootloader version.


thank you,

thank you,
would you be able to verify what aredn firmware is the known to work on a nanobridge M5 XM    build number 33267

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what aredn firmware is the known to work on a nanobridge M5 XM

I am not seeing that exact model in the Stable or Nightly Build Firmware Readme.
I see a NanoBridge 5G22/5G25.
The 'NanoBridge M' is in the openwrt table of hardware (v19.07.6).

You did not mention which .bin you were using.
Was it aredn-
aredn-84-99305c5-ar71xx-ubnt-bullet-m-factory.bin ?


hello, i tried the aredn-3.20

hello, i tried the aredn-

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Odd problem installing on NanoBridge M5

I suggest to try a TFTP install of

sorry for my trouble,  I am

sorry for my trouble,  I am not finding  "aredn-84-99305c5-ar71xx-ubnt-bullet-m-factory.bin" on any of the downloads or the nightly builds, or the archived.
would you happen to have a link?
thank you again for helping.

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not finding "aredn-84-99305c5-ar71xx-ubnt-bullet-m-factory.bin"

Hover over 'Software'
Drop down and click 'Nightly Builds'
Click 'Firmware is here.'
Click 'ath79'
Click 'generic'
Scroll down and right-click aredn-84-99305c5-ath79-ubnt_bullet-m-factory.bin
Use TFTP method to flash device.


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Note the ath79 and ar71xx versions of Bullet

I believe the ar71xx Bullet firmware is the proper "supported" version for the NanoBridge although I do have the ath79 version working on one of my Nanobridge M5 units.  From what I understand they are attempting to shoot for model specific OpenWRT version in the ath79 libraries.  Maybe the AREDN Gurus can offer a better clarification on this.

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I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with a NanoBridge M5 v6.1.11 (XM). I cannot upload without errors. I have tried several versions from to I also tried to upload an old AirOs 5.5.11. By the way, I have converted about 40 M5s with success.

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i just entered this post and

i just entered this post and shocked by the history here.

My question was,  I need recommendations for the correct firmware ???

Device Model: NanoBridge M5
Network Mode: Bridge
Wireless Mode: Station
Version: v6.1.7 (XM)


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image to use

I seem to recall that Ubiqiuti renamed some models from nanobridge to nanobeam when they went to the newer chipsets.   I think some early upgraded models still had a nanobridge label.     Maybe a long shot, check in AirOS you would see it is an XW flavor -- see AirOS version.   If so, then it needs the ar71xx  loco-m-xw image. 

I see that openwrt now has support in ath79 architecture and current builds.  This will make it easy to adopt.;a=commitdiff;h=1775d50bde...

Right now, the ar71xx bullet-m images are the safe ones to use.  The ath79 bullet images originally never had any testing to know if any issues.

There are probably at least a hundred of these devices in use with AREDN firmware. There must be something isolated and unexplained or numerous groups would be chiming in.

Joe AE6XE  


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