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unable to find GUI for NanoBridge M5

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unable to find GUI for NanoBridge M5

I am pretty much a newbie so you may want to  check my previous submission on 03/04/2018 bringing up a problem getting a mesh running with a NanoStation M5 and a NanoBridge M5 across the dining room table.  That issue was resolved when I got both nodes on the same SSID and required SSID format (no spaces...  .duh).    The nodes seemed to run perfectly, forming a nesh with each other and I was able to log onto the node at Snow Peak with the NanoBridge M5.  Signal strength was low at around  -89 dBm +/-  a few but still a first mesh connection for the Coachella Valley as far as I know.   About 2 weeks ago Keith, AI6BX  asked me to check out another pair of co-ordinates.  Since both of my nodes had been inactive for several weeks, my first step was to check that  the nodes are working properly and that I have all of the required parts for a field set up. 

Everything seems to be working with the exception that I cannot access the GUI of the NanoBridge M5 with either the HP or the RasPi. 

  • the 2 nodes form a mesh as indicated by the red LED on each, just power them up and they run
  • I use a venerable HP laptop running Win-7and a current model RasPi to access the nodes' GUI
  • both the HP and RasPi access the NanoStation's GUI 
  • neither HP or RasPi will access the NanoBridge  (to be clear, this is the issue I am trying to resolve)
  • I have checked the HP to confirm  dynamic IP addressing and dynamic DHCP
  • I have turned off WIFI for both HP and RasPi
  • Using either the HP or RasPi  I can access the NanoStation's GUI to run MeshStatus or WIFIScan and read the usual detail available when 2 nodes connect in a mesh. 
  • I have swapped ethernet cables and found no difference

  I am going in trouble shooting circles.   The nodes appear to be running properly; apply power and they form a mesh.  Either computer will access the NanoStation's GUI.   Neither computer will access the NanoBridge's GUI.  The computers seem to be running properly.   This leaves the NanoBridge as the culprit, and yet I think they are very reliable.  What can I do to trouble shoot the NanoBridge ?  Suggestions ?

Thanks,  Hugh KW5X


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What version of AREDN are you

What version of AREDN are you using?
Do you have your WIFI on your laptop disabled?
If you open a command prompt on your PC and type:  ping <YOUR_NANOBRIDGE_NODE_NAME>.local.mesh       what is the response?
Have you changed any of the defaults on the setup page (other than the node name, password, and distance value?)

AREDN version is
AREDN version is
WIFI is disabled on Laptop
ping results:    NanoStation= min 0ms,  max 0ms;   sent & received 4 
ping results:    NanoBridge= ping request could not find host KW5X-NanoBridge... etc
setup change: I think  none , but I cannot access to confirm.   

thanks !!  Hugh
Are you able to see the NanoBridge on the Nanostation's mesh status page as a current neighbor? If so, mouse-over and verify the link makes sense (something like http://kw5x-nanobridge.local.mesh:8080) I assume the two are linked by RF not by an ethernet cable between nodes? What does clicking on that link yield? Power up only the Nanobridge and the HP laptop ethernet into it. What IP address is being assigned to the laptop? Check with 'ipconfig /all' from windows command line.
Early on both nodes were

Early on both nodes were showing the other node as a current neighbor.  I recall looking at the link and it looked good, started with the node name at least.  Yes, nodes were linked by RF.  Ethernet cables connect the HP to LAN on the POE device, another cable connect POE port to the node.   Did not click on the link, I will try that the next time I have an opportunity.

MId day yesterday the mesh between the two nodes ceased to function as a mesh.  No red LEDs and the MeshStatus pg on the NanoStation the does not find the NanoBridge ?????  I worked with this for a while and finally decided to call it erratic. 

Node connected to laptop:
With the NanoStation connected to a POE device (LAN) and the node to POE,  IPv4 = (preferred)
With the NanoBridge connect to a POE device (LAN) and the node to POE,  auto configuration IPv4 = (preferred)

thanks again,  Hugh

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perhaps the Nanobridge has a
perhaps the Nanobridge has a bad ethernet port...   still doesn't explain why you cannot get to it via RF over the mesh... hmmmm

I don't understand either,
I don't understand either, except something is being erratic.   Keith mentioned I might come in to his office to check out the bridge so I am planning to let this thread lie and update it when/if the problem is diagnosed.

thanks again  Hugh  KW5X
Definately not handing out an
Definately not handing out an IP address, given that 169 auto-IP u got. One last thing you might check is turn on wifi on the laptop and see if the node has reverted back to initial config on a regular wifi channel. May be time to long press the reset button!
I checked on WIFI finding
I checked on WIFI finding nothing.  I pressed the reset button; it seemed to reboot and went into the usual 3 green LEDs, one flashing.  Still could not find it with AirOS or AREDN.    I may have damaged it by dropping, it ended up dangling by the ethernet cable more than once.   Newbie trick, not to be repeated.

So,  I ordered another NanoBridge M5; it has arrived so likely I will be back to looking for a signal from Snow Peak in the next few days. I plan to make this one a bit more robust for handling in the field. 

thanks to all,  Hugh  KW5X

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