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Firmware of the MIKROTIK HAP Lite

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Firmware of the MIKROTIK HAP Lite

I am trying to change the firmware of the MIKROTIK HAP Lite.
I follow all the steps, and load Arend's firmware well ( But when it is reset, it returns to the mikrotik firmware.
How can I solve the problem?

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The Mikrotik HAP Lite is not

The Mikrotik HAP Lite is not supported.   Only the hAP AC Lite is supported.
Which model do you have?

The model is : hAP ac lite ID

The model is : hAP ac lite ID: RB952Ui-5ac2ND.

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ea7tb,   On occasion we are

ea7tb,   On occasion we are seeing RAM issues after the .bin image is copied up to the node.  It's intermittent, and I need to check the file system definition, as this 64Mb RAM device should still have plenty of RAM to work in.     Try the alternative instructions to copy up the .bin file, using the manual "sysupgrade" from command line.  I always go this route because if errors are reported, they can be seen with this command line.   


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