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Firmware of the MIKROTIK HAP Lite

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Firmware of the MIKROTIK HAP Lite
I am trying to change the firmware of the MIKROTIK HAP Lite.
I follow all the steps, and load Arend's firmware well ( But when it is reset, it returns to the mikrotik firmware.
How can I solve the problem?
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The Mikrotik HAP Lite is not
The Mikrotik HAP Lite is not supported.   Only the hAP AC Lite is supported.
Which model do you have?
The model is : hAP ac lite ID
The model is : hAP ac lite ID: RB952Ui-5ac2ND.
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ea7tb,   On occasion we are
ea7tb,   On occasion we are seeing RAM issues after the .bin image is copied up to the node.  It's intermittent, and I need to check the file system definition, as this 64Mb RAM device should still have plenty of RAM to work in.     Try the alternative instructions to copy up the .bin file, using the manual "sysupgrade" from command line.  I always go this route because if errors are reported, they can be seen with this command line.   

Mirotik Router HAP AC lite Just in.
I'm a real Noob when it comes to IT stuff. I'm trying to read the router. I have it plugged directly into the laptop Ethernet port. IF I try or or any other IP. I can't read it.  If I plug it into my home router. It shows as I'm lost. I have downloaded the Aredn ELF and Bin files.


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Flashing AREDN firmware onto Mikrotik RB952Ui-5ac2ND

Hi, Don:

 Please confirm that your device is a Mikrotik RB952Ui-5ac2ND.

Please confirm that your installing the firmware from a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Please specify which .elf and which .bin file you downloaded.

Please confirm that the Mikrotik port #1 and your computer are connected to a simple switch.

Please confirm that you are using the install procedure here: ...
Windows Procedure
You will need to install and configure a PXE Server on your Windows computer.

Please confirm that you have installed Tiny PXE on your Windows computer.

Next, there are six numbered steps.
Have you complete all six steps?
If no, at which step was there a failure and what was the error message if any?

Following, if no errors...
Final Configuration Steps
There are three numbered steps.
Have you complete all three steps?
If no, at which step was there a failure and what was the error message if any?

I hope this helps,

The PXE server link is defective on the Youtube video. Error 404

This with just running the router.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19041.685]
(c) 2020 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Ethernet adapter Ethernet:

   Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . :
   Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::9d0e:5568:d4ee:c966%4
   Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :
   Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
   Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:

   Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
   Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . : hitronhub.home

Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection:

   Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
   Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . :


I have a Solar Wind TFTP server but I don't see anything so far for  a PXE server

still lost


Don va7dgp
Update. PXESER
I remember I downloaded that PXESER file on my main desktop. I sent the file to my laptop. I may have be too quick in pulling the plug. The file *.ebf was not loaded. I'm trying to reload but server won't connect on the laptop. No matter how may times I do power and Reset.


After the Mikrotik reboots,
After the Mikrotik reboots, the Mikrotik will be a DHCP server with temporary AREDN firmware in RAM.
You should (re)set your computer to be a DHCP client and move the ethernet cable to port 2 or 3 or 4 on the Mikrotik.
Browse to and upload the .bin using the Administration page.

When I log into just the router. No ISP attached. I saw I was able to get into the router. 

I know about the Bin but I expected to see AREDN when I went to I'm going load up a Linux box instead of a Windows box. It's the internet access if I just have the router on. If my home router on. I don't see 
I have a lot to learn. 

I hope I didnèt see the EBF load.


Ubuntu Talking to Mikrotik Hap Ac Lite
I was able to load the RB.elf file to the router. I switch to my Ubuntu machine. I see and in the settings. I think I have to create an IPv4 manual setting. I'm lost after that. I also copied the*.bin file to a flash drive. I can once my firefox browser can find the IP of the Mikrotik. I tried and localnode.local.mesh doesn't work. Becoming root> is that sudo su? I'm using my cell phone to read the info on the Linux part and I'm even worse when it comes to IT router stuff. I have no access to the internet and I have to don't have vnc 

later back to trying to get it online


Don va7dgp
Also unable to load rb.elf file
Hi everyone,
I have tried repeatedly to flash the rb.elf file to a new hAP ac lite, without success. It always comes back up in MikroTik.
The one thing I do see, no matter what variety of instructions I follow, is this error:
TFFPTDd error, could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.
Always using static IP on ethernet card. Have tried,,, as static IPs. Follow all other instructions.  However, I also note that to actually reset to factory I had to do it through Winbox, could not do it by holding reset button during power up.
Any suggestions are appreciated. Is there a way to load the rb.elf file using Winbox (copying to file folder on device and ???) ?

Carl, N7KUW
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This is likely your problem

TFFPTDd error, could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.

Yes, that is significant!  Can you post a screen capture of you PXE session.  I want to see what else it is saying.

Easier to read than screen
Easier to read than screen cap - here are all the entries:

7:33:45 PM DHCPc:discovering for another DHCPd on LAN
7:33:45 PM ROOT=C:\Users\PCname\Desktop\Mikrot AREDN\pxesrv\files\
7:33:45 PM DHCPd started...
7:33:45 PM TFPTd error, Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.
7:33:45 PM HTTPd:80 started...
7:33:50 PM DHCPc:no other DHCPd discovered
7:34:08 PM DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:08-55-31-75-59-D3, XID:9E3507BA
7:34:08 PM DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:9E3507BA
7:34:08 PM DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:08-55-31-75-59-D3, XID:5D9F6FCC
7:34:08 PM DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:5D9F6FCC
7:34:38 PM DHCPd:DISCOVER received, MAC:08-55-31-75-59-D3, XID:47A2D24C
7:34:38 PM DHCPd:OFFER sent, IP:, XID:47A2D24C
7:34:38 PM DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:08-55-31-75-59-D3, XID:47A2D24C
7:34:38 PM DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:47A2D24C
7:38:33 PM TFTPd stopped...
7:38:33 PM HTTPd stopped...
7:38:33 PM DHCPd stopped...

I will note that I have three ethernet adapters, one of which is USB to ethernet, and that is the one I am using. I have tried this with all of the others disabled so this was the only active adapter. As you can see, I waited quite a long time to see if I could get a response and never did. The last entries are when I took PXE offline.
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The TFTPd error is the problem
The 4th line (the TFTPd error) IS your problem.  You need to figure out what else is tying up the port.  Suggest that you disconnect your USB to Ethernet adapter and use the built in Ethernet port.  Make sure any other Ethernet is disabled or if it is a plug in adapter, remove it.  If you have WiFi built in, disable it.  Reboot the computer and try again.

And please post screen captures of all the PXE setup and running screens.  Not a photo of the screen, but a screen capture (far more readable).  The Windows Snipping Tool works well for the purpose.
I will follow your
I will follow your suggestions, and nexr time will get a screen capture. I wasn't hooked up where I could get one when I did my last reply, but had saved the text of the log, so posted it.  Thanks for your help.
Multiple attempts, two
Multiple attempts, two different computers (both Windows 10). Last try was laptop using built in ethernet connector, wifi turned off.  In every attempt, no matter which computer, no matter what IP is set, the fail to bind error comes up, and it comes up immediately, before I can even power on the hAP.  I'm using a hAP ac lite, so my connections are: Ethernet cable from pc to dumb switch port 1. Ethernet cable from dumb switch port 2 to hAP WAN port. Separate power connector, not POE.  Have also tried multiple switches and ethernet cables.  Attached please find screen shot from PXE.
Image Attachments: 
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Option 3 and 6 being remembered?
Option 3 (Router) should be PXE seems to be remembering the hAP/RouterOS as
Option 6 (DNS) should be PXE seems to be remembering a previous connection to an AREDN device.
I recommend using static address 192.168.1.x instead of 192.168.88.x as you will need the 192.168.1.x
later when uploading the sysupgrade.bin.

I hope this helps,
I have tried using both .1.x
I have tried using both .1.x and .88.x. It has not made any difference, but when one fails I then try the other.
Will set those two options as noted and try yet again.
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Your Screenshot does not match install Docs

Docs PXE screenshot.

Image Attachments: 
The screen shot was taken

The screen shot was taken after I clicked offline, it was online when the attempt was made. No DNS entries were made in ethernet interface setup, those fields were left blank. Don't know where the 10.... came from.

Still no-go - Update: Success finally
Last update first - eventual success, but a long hard journey to get here.

Now the post I was writing as I was plowing my way through the process, just for info...

Took a bit to get back to this, but I'm still coming up short.
Different computer (not previously used)
Fresh download and install of PXE
Success in flashing the factory file!!!!!
Got to settings and uploaded bin file.
Appeared to be working. Went to settings and changed node name, it automatically did reset when I clicked save.
And... nothing. Can't ping, Can't connect to it.
Pushed and held reset button (while power applied) until USR light flashed rapidly. 
After reset I get back to original AREDN login page - had not saved my changes.
So tried uploading the bin file again.
Same results, looks like I'm in setup, but doesn't really save change and after push and hold reset get back to initial AREDN screen.
hAP never comes back up on its own. USR light constant on.
Did a power cycle, no success.
Well, after 3 or 4 cycles of the above, I finally got it to come back up working with the initial change. Did take a bit of a power cycle. Hope this thing holds together and continues to work now that it is working, but it has been an incredible hassle to get it to this point to start with.

Thank you again for the help and suggestions.

Carl, N7KUW
first flash of Hap AC lite problems

Hello Carl,
I had the same issue with a new Hap AC lite, namely that there was supposedly another instance of on the system. I was using a cisco switch and an HP laptop running Windows XP Pro (I find it simpler to use than windows 10, just saying). The "fix" was to try using a windows 10 machine. problem solved first try, all is good now


flashing hAP ac fails repeatedly
I have a new hAP ac lite from Amazon.  ID: RB952U1-5ac2nD-US.  I'm using a Win7 laptop connected to the hAP thru a TP-Link TP-SG108 switch. (no other devices). Laptop WiFi is Off.  I'm following the instructions in

I've downloaded the two files from
and renamed the "kernel" file rb.bin.
I'm using Tiny PXE server, pxesrv.exe 
My laptop is set to fixed IP and this is displayed as DHCP Server in Tiny PXE, with "Bind IP" checked,
subnet Mask,
DNS Server
Boot File  Filename "rb.bin"
Filename if user-class=gPXE or iPXE    not checked.

After holding the reset button while applying power to the hAP, I see, in the Tiny PXE server window, "BOOTP REQUEST" and "DoReadFile rb.bin"
About 30 sec later, when the LEDs on the hAP light up I see "DISCOVER", "OFFER sent" IP:" and "REQUEST received"
10:18:58 PM DHCPc:discovering for another DHCPd on LAN
10:18:58 PM ROOT=C:\PXE server-tiny\files\
10:18:58 PM DHCPd started...
10:18:58 PM TFPTd started...
10:18:58 PM HTTPd:80 started...
10:19:03 PM DHCPc:no other DHCPd discovered
10:20:26 PM DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:18-FD-74-48-D3-4D, XID:5C484F8E
10:20:26 PM DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:5C484F8E
10:20:26 PM TFTPd:DoReadFile:rb.bin B:1452 T:0
10:21:02 PM DHCPd:DISCOVER received, MAC:18-FD-74-48-D3-4D, XID:B8CCEED4
10:21:02 PM DHCPd:OFFER sent, IP:, XID:B8CCEED4
10:21:02 PM DHCPd:REQUEST received, MAC:18-FD-74-48-D3-4D, XID:B8CCEED4
10:21:02 PM DHCPd:ACK sent, IP:, XID:B8CCEED4
10:21:15 PM TFTPd stopped...
10:21:15 PM DHCPd stopped...
10:21:15 PM HTTPd stopped...
I remove the ethernet cable from the hAP port 1 
change the laptop to "use DHCP"
plug the ethernet cable into hAP port 2,
disconnect and reconnect the laptop's ethernet cable so that it will make a DHCP request.  (the hAP remains connected to the ethernet switch)
Then, using "ipconfig" in a CMD window, I see that the laptop has received IP address   -- not the expected
I can ping, but ping returns "Destination net unreachable."

Any hints or suggestions?
Thank you!

The moment you see the
The moment you see the DoReadFile rb.bin message pxeserver is done.  Immediately go offline, and move your ethernet cable to another port on the device.

Two things are possibly wrong.  Keeping the pxeserver going is undoing your hard work to upload the new firmware, and if you don't unplug the ethernet cable and move it your computer eithernet card will not release the ip address it had from the previous moment.

One more thing to be aware of is that you should not be on any other network during this process.  If you went thru a switch, you are using a simple dumb switch that is NOT part of your normal network.  I don't use a switch during this process as it's just more stuff and I can just unplug cables and replug them.  And, SUPER important is TURN OFF YOUR WIFI while doing this process.  Your ONLY network is you and the device you are flashing.

flashing hAP ac fails repeatedly
(My WiFi is definitely off) <p> Thank you for your comments.  Following your advice, I switched PXE server offline immediately when I saw DoReadFile, but no success.  I also tried waiting different lengths of time to do that--but before the hAP completed its reboot--so there's no DHCP request.  Same result. <p> The reason for waiting is to allow time for the transfer of the ~5MB .bin file before terminatong the PXE server-- but maybe the file transfer has been completed before the DoReadFile message gets posted?   -- That brings me another question:  The instructions mention a .elf file for the one to be sent at boot time, but the file on the arednmesh firmware download page is .bin   -- Should the file sent at boot time be  .elf   or .bin?
The moment you see DoReadFile
The moment you see DoReadFile the file transfer is finished and the device is already working with the new file to reflash.  There is no longer any need for the server to be active and it can backfire the process.

For a Mikrotik device you rename the xxxxxxxxxxkernel.bin file


and place the file rb.elf in the files folder for pxeserver to find when you run it.  I do remember one person trying to rename it rb.elf.bin (didn't change the extension) and that hung them up for a while.

But you should already know all of this as you say you have done this before on other devices, so I don't know why this one is a bugger.

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Agreed.  Once you see the
Agreed.  Once you see the DoReadFile message, you can (and should) turn PXE Server off-line.  Then move the LAN cable from port 1 to port 2 on the hAP.  And as you did, change the laptop to DHCP and unplug then reconnect the laptop from the switch to force it to look for the new address.  Make SURE not to power cycle or reset the hAP.
Your statement that you got a 192.168.88.x address tells me that you are back in RouterOS.
flashing hAP ac fails repeatedly
Thank you for your comment.  Yes, I always end up  with MikroTik RouterOS.  I've also read about making a change in that RouterOS to specify booting once from Ethernet, rather than from nand (flash), but the option seems to be immediately changed, and is not active on the next boot. Yet the PXE log window shows that a BOOTP request occurred <p> So, I'm still puzzled...

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