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Authentication Error - Mikrotik hAP ac lite - New Firmware Flash

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Authentication Error - Mikrotik hAP ac lite - New Firmware Flash

Userid and password does not let me log into Setup after a reflash.  I just bought a new Mikrotik hAP ac lite.  Reflashed it with the  newest build .elf file and the .bin file, it opens just fine to the NoCall... page.  I log in to setup just fine with the root and hsmm id and password.  I update channel to -2 and width to 10MHz, distance, my log id to my call AG6ST and a simple password. Hit reboot.  It all looks fine, when I open the 
that looks fine also. I closely follow the AREDN instructions on the Mikrotik windows update and the pretty good UTUBE video
I see my call sign in the heading and all as it should. Mesh status works, Refresh works.  When I hit Setup (or WIFI scan), and get to the Username and password boxes, I can not get in.  I'm sure of correctly entering my name and password, but it iust flashes a little and returns to the empty username password boxes.  It won't let me log in to update the settings.  I hit cancel and I get the blank page with Authorization Required message.

The elf and bin I used are:

aredn-960-d8f9320-mikrotik-vmlinux-initramfs.elf  renamed to rb.elf in the pxesrv.exe folder


Some notes I took during install tries are attached in a word file.

I have reset the routerboard a few times (maybe 4 times so far), reloaded the current .elf and updated using the .bin (28 May 2019).  Same result each time after changing to my call and entering/confirming a new password. Yes - used Correct upper/lower case.  Tried different usernames and passwords also at each install.  It won't let in to continue the setup.  Cancel - I get Authentication Required on a blank page.  I can still get back to the original status page

I have previously loaded the firmware on 2 different Mikrotik LDF5 nodes, with no issues using virtually the same tinypxe program method.
I'm using a Win10 computer tinypxe method,

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

thanks for any help!
Ron...  AG6ST  Torrance, CA


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There's also an option to

There's also an option to hold the reset button after AREDN is booted for ~5 seconds (not more than 10 seconds for sure) and the device will reset the password to the default of firstboot.  It won't change your settings, just revert the password.    Maybe try simplier or different passwords.  This process and code hasn't been changed in a long time that I'm aware of.   What happens when you try to telnet to the node and log into the command line -- can you type the password to get in?


root userid

Hi Joe,
OK, thanks,
I was trying to login with my call.  oops...  "root" and then my password worked!
I should have known...
I was able to get into the router using telnet.  I haven't used telnet in decades!
used open / 29  which was on the opening web page for the router.
and that gave me the idea to use root and my normal password.

Thanks for posting this! I

Thanks for posting this! I had this exact issue, and being brand new to AREDN, i put it on the back burner since November of 2021. I will dust it off and retry now! 73, K7SKE Mike

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Always read the Docs

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