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TeamTalk 5 (Win/Mac/Android/Debian/Raspbian)

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TeamTalk 5 (Win/Mac/Android/Debian/Raspbian)

This VoIP software solution looks very promising. You can set up a guest account that all users log in with and then they can change their username as appropriate. Also allows for videoconferencing as well as file sharing.

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TeamTalk experience

We set up a Teamtalk server here several weeks ago and have tested it on a 10 MHz channel.  LQ/NLQ on all three users was 90 or greater.

A three way voice QSO worked just fine.  A videoconference using the default parameters of 320x240x10fps fell on its butt; we couldn't get more than 1-2 fps across it, and we're not sure why.  According to an online calculator that should require about 1.2 MHz.  Comments appreciated!



Have you done any sustained

Have you done any sustained throughput tests? Try doing them in opposite directions at the same time to see if contention lowers it by more than 50%.


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Teamtalk testing

We haven't done any more testing.  Most of us (teamtalk testers) run Linux and we're being delayed by issue getting the Linux teamtalk client running.  The initial testing was done with the Windows client.   More later..



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I'd be interested in testing

I'd be interested in testing against your server.   I'm running the Mac client.

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Teamtalk testing tunnel :-)

Let's try that soon, Darryl.   We'll have to get a tunnel going though.


I just saw this post suggesting VOIP with a tunnel. I have Raspbx running and once I get a tunnel up want to link to a second mesh running phones as well. I am interested in your success and ideas.


Latest version of teamtalk

I have a Teamtalk server running on a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+
The latest version of the client requires Debian 8 or Ubuntu 17 since the author changed the audio/video support.  You can use an older version of the client if you have an older Linux.
Apple OS works but you will need the Beta version to get your video to work.
Iphone and Android work but most have no video support.  My newer Android can see video but not send.
Windows works well.
If you want to test, email me at and I will send you my public IP.
I have it connected so that we can have a video conference between mesh users and internet users.


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Teamtalk Client under Linux

The TeamTalk Windows client runs fairly well under Wine within Linux.   You can't  share your desktop, and I haven't managed to share a camera yet, but everything else works.

Linux Mint 18

I installed teamtalk-v5.3.1-debian9-x86_64.tgz , created a link, and it won't run.
The help file says to first install some libqt4 files, but it fails installing on libqt4-core and libqt4-gui.
apt-get install libqt4-core libqt4-network libqt4-xml libqt4-gui libasound2
"Unable to locate package libqt4-core"
"Unable to locate package libqt4-gui"

I have found several different suggestions on installing libqt4, and none seem to fix this issue.
sudo apt-get install libqt4-designer libqt4-opengl libqt4-svg libqtgui4 libqtwebkit4
sudo apt install libqtcore4 libqtgui4
One site claims the files no longer exist.


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did you first do:   apt-get

did you first do:   apt-get update

What is the purpose of

What is the purpose of TeamTalk? Asterisk has video conferencing builtin. 


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Teamtalk includes:  texting, voice conferencing, video conference, desktop sharing and file sharing.    We enjoy using it for our weekly nets.

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TT on Pi/Rasbian?

I would like to set up TT on a Pi I already use for BPQ. Has anyone used it under Raspbian? Thx.

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Teamtalk on RPI

It runs fine, Clifford; that's what we use in Ventura County.  And Dale WA6MZW out your way recently got one running.  Check with him.

Orv W6BI

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Install docs?

I also am interested in installing the server and/or the client on several PIs. Last time I went trying to find documentation related to that type of install I got quite confused. Could anyone please share a URL that has cook-book type instructions for doing so, and/or any notes on its use on an AREDN mesh?

- Don - AA7AU

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Teamtalk server documentation

It's a mess - the existing installation (at least for Debian/Raspbian) is for a Linux server based on init scripts.   The current versions of those OSes, for better or worse, have moved to systemd for app startup, management and shutdown.  I muddled through it a couple of times, but there's no good documentation on how to adapt the existing install to the latest Linuxes.    I'll do another install and consolidate and document what needs to be done.  Prerequisites are some familiarity with Linux and a text editor.   (It's not hard with instructions :-D  )

Orv W6BI

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Would Jesse be better?

IIRC, Jesse was not using systemd unless the user changed to it. I have an old image copy of Rasian Jesse for the PI, would it be easier there?

Obviously most everyone is either on Stretch or Buster by now but I tend to drag my feet on OS kernal upgrades unless I have to do so, hence I still use Jesse on a few PIs.

- Don - AA7AU

ps: I can't spell vi but I do use nano.
pps: or am I confused about Jesse and thinking about Wheezy? Guess I should have paid more attention in Toy Story movies.

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