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What applications do you usually deploy?

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What applications do you usually deploy?

Hi all, I'm currently configuring a portable AREDN server to be included in my go-box, and I'm just asking me, what kind of software do you usally deploy.

This is my currently desployment:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu Server 19.04
  • Hardware: Zotac mini PC ( with 8Gb of RAM and 80 Gb HDD
  • Software
    • Google Person Finder (not yet deployed)
    • Forms: I'm looking for a simple software to deploy forms for multiples purposes like affiliation of people, etc, etc. (maybe
    • Etherpad: for collaborating notes
    • to use as file server, because nextcloud it's to big for my current needs
    • Let's Chat: for chat
    • PAT: for winlink over HTTP (not yet installed)
    • Rclone: to sync the folders that we have in Google Drive or Dropbox with the Caddy Server (file server)
    • Asterisk: VoIP Server
    • Docker-CE: to deploy some services easily
    • Portainer: to manage docker easily
    • CMS: to deploy a webpage to show information (maybe as a captive portal). I'm tinkering with because don't need a database (not yet deployed)

I would appreciate any suggestion.

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One of the applications we push out to every hospital, EOC and and that is an integral part of every 'go-box' now is Teamtalk.   It's a text/voice/video chat application with a built-in drop box, among other features.   It has the capability of handling multiple channels, all with simultaneous full-duplex voice capability.  A voice stream doesn't stress the network much, so it has a large capacity.  We recently ran a voice/video net with 7 simultaneous video streams, and it held up pretty well.
The Teamtalk server runs nicely on a Raspberry Pi.   We have one in a mountaintop site, sitting right on the backbone for good connectivity, and the site has battery and solar backup for power continuity.


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TeamTalk Installation and setup?

Would you please point us to a good write-up or two on how to install and setup a new virgin copy of TeamTalk on a PI3 please? Also, any hints etc would be much appreciated.

My internet searching seems to come up dry on this ...

- Don - AA7AU

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I've never written up a Teamtalk server installation before, just fumbled around until I got it working :-)
I'm currently running it on a Debian server.  I'll write an Raspbian installation unless someone beats me to it (I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks).

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Teamtalk server installation

For Windows:

If you're comfortable with Linux, a Raspberry Pi is an ideal platform for Teamtalk.  We loaded an RPI running the Teamtalk server down with 7 simultaneous video streams and CPU utilization was only about 15 percent.  

I couldn't find an absolutely current procedure, but basically follow this for the basic installation:

Then finish the configuration with the steps here:

Hope that helps...


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