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KQ6EO upgrade failure
I tried to update 3 nodes and they all failed.  One bullet with direct connection, one NanoStation XM OTA, and one NanoStation XW OTA.  They all seemed to upload the new firmware OK and rebooted several times and then the LEDs indicated that they were loaded and ready.  I am sure that I used the correct upgrade bin file for each upload and had the keep config box checked.  None of them would reconnect to the mesh or allow connection over a direct Ethernet cable.  I was able to TFTP the factory bin file to them and reconfigure and they were fine.  No tunnels are setup and I tried the old addresses,, and even to connect.

I still have a NanoStation XW and XM still to be upgraded

What do you think I am doing wrong or has this issue shown up elsewhere.


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Did they have MeshChat,
Did they have MeshChat, HamChat, or anything else (non-stock) installed on them?
Did they have tunnels installed?  (I know you said that none were setup)
Nothing but the AREDN
Nothing but the AREDN software is on them, nothing extra loaded.  I have not done anything with tunnels on them at all.

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