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Winlink over Mesh: Syncronization Issues

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Winlink over Mesh: Syncronization Issues

I'm trying to set up my first Sync with another station.  We are able to connect to each other, but then it dies.

​When i connect to him i get this...

​Starting session for KG6WXC
Beginning session to send trasactions from K1GGS to KG6WXC
​Outgoing: Attempt to connect to KG6WXC at kg6wxc-wl2k.local.mesh:8780
Outgoig:  Connected to KG6WXC. waiting for login prompt.
outgoiing: timeout.  while waiting for read from KG6WXC
​Outgoing: Set final resultts to: Timeout while waiting for read from KG6WXC
Outgoing : Ending session with KG6WXC.  Transactions 
sent-0; Rejected-0; bytes sent-0
​Outgoing" closing connection to KG6WXC

When he connects to me:
​ Incoming:  Starting incoming connection session.  Connecting IP = ---
Incoming: Recieved valid logon from KG6WXC
Connecting IP
Disconnection occurred
​Main: End session. Id = 20974680

​Any Ideas?  There are messages waiting for Sync at my station.  KG6WXC is also trying to sync with a station in Santa Barbara, and is seeing the same errors at his end. 

Rusty K1GGS

What is the packet loss rate
What is the packet loss rate between your stations?
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Just to be clear, Rusty's talking about a Winlink over mesh issue.
We got it working.  It was a configuration issue at the far end.  We now have 3 RMS Relay stations up and synchronizing.  One in the Eastern part of the county, one on the ocean side (west) of the county and one in Santa Barbara County.  

Rusty K1GGS

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