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Whoops! OLSR is not running, try again later.

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Whoops! OLSR is not running, try again later.

Hi Guys,

Recently updated to latest firmware,

Im receiving “Whoops! OLSR is not running, try again later.” 

No nodes displayed.

The device is an AirRouter set to client tunnel mode, also linked via RF. 

1. Tunnel client shows active connection
2. RF nodes are seeing the AirRouter
3. RF nodes cannot see anything past AirRouter
4. Have power cycled several times and waited a few hours... No change.

Any suggestions?

May I add that the device was working for a good few days without issue. 

Any help, is very much appreciated.


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Are you able to download the
Are you able to download the support data, bottom of the Administration page from setup?   I'd suspect lack of RAM, how many tunnels are defined?   OLSR is one of the bigger RAM users.  As such, it is top of the hit list for the linux kernel to kill when out-of-memory conditions get to the point the operating system can't operate anymore.

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support data

Good morning/evening Joe,

Thank you for getting back to me.

There are 3 enabled tunnels, 2 have an active connection, 1 shows that its inactive though i can trace route to it.

Memory-wise (just now whilst seeming to be operational):-

free space OLSR Entries
flash = 648 KB
/tmp = 13820 KB
memory = 4900 KB
Total = 515 
Nodes = 135

How do those numbers look?

Also yes, I have downloaded the support data and attached to the message FYI.

The device seems to be up again though; there was a power outage for several hours that took out the RF nodes also (not on USP yet)... I wonder if that had any part to play?

Hopefully, the support data file will shed some light on the issue, if not then if/when in future this reoccurs, I will repost with that file.

I assume then, that for lower memory devices more tunnels are not advised given the required RAM allocations?

David GM7URD


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OLSR down again

Hi Joe,

Didnt have to wait too long:)

Have attached the new support file.

Yesterday evening the node seemed to be operational again.

So this morning, first thing I went to check and found that I was unable to see the node from my RF link... To give you and idea, I was accessing the network from an AirGrid -> RocketM5->dtd->RocketM2 -> AirRouter

Yesterday I was able to see the AirRouter, however today the AirRouter was not visible.

When I was able to get physical access this afternoon, I found that it was to routing traffic from the raspberry pi to the internet (Xastir onto the APRS servers). This is running as an IGate for local 2 meter APRS, and was also displaying Inet only traffic. I was able to trace route to 2 out of 3 tunnel servers activated on the AirRouter but not to any 10.x.x.x. on the RF side.

Took a picture, but cant seem to resize to meet the upload requirements, though here are the data:-
uptime 1 day, 16:23
load average 0.47, 0.49, 0.37

free space:
flash = 648KB
/tmp 13780 KB
memory = 3620 KB

OLSR Entries:
Total = 0
Nodes = 0

David GM7URD

P.S. I have also reduced the tunnel servers to a single local connection, to see if this improves the stability given your comment on the kernel. (Is there an method/option to use a USB memory stick as RAM, as with JFFS2 and fstab? Not even sure thats possible?)

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I'm having the same issue...
I'm having the same issue... How was this resolved? Or was it ever resolved? My support data is attached.
Wifi address LAN address WAN address default gateway SSID Channel Bandwidth / 8 / 29 / 24
10 Mhz
Signal/Noise/Ratio firmware version
configuration system time uptime
load average free space OLSR Entries
-46 / -95 / 49 dB   Charts
Fri Jun 26 2020
18:46:20 UTC
2 min
0.29, 0.36, 0.16
flash = 812 KB
/tmp = 13788 KB
memory = 12916 KB
Total = 0
Nodes = 0
Support File Attachments: 
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I disabled tunnel server and
I disabled tunnel server and client and OSLR is working again. Free space went up to 836 KB
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possibly something happened
possibly something happened when saving in basic setup, and a config file was corrupted.  Or there wasn't enough ram when starting/re-starting OLSR.  The data file shows these errors:

Fri Jun 26 18:43:23 2020 daemon.err olsrd[1978]: olsrd exit: main: Bad configuration
Fri Jun 26 18:43:28 2020 daemon.err olsrd[1980]: olsrd exit: main: Bad configuration
Fri Jun 26 18:43:33 2020 daemon.err olsrd[1986]: olsrd exit: main: Bad configuration
Fri Jun 26 18:43:38 2020 daemon.err olsrd[1988]: olsrd exit: main: Bad configuration
Fri Jun 26 18:43:38 2020 procd: Instance olsrd::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash

just in case, I'd turn of all tunnels, reboot, then immediately do a save in basic setup, to make sure everything is clean.   Tunnels on 32M RAM devices push the ceiling on RAM usage and strange things can happen.

joe AE6XE

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