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West Coast Network

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West Coast Network

With the assistance of a couple of tunnels, we linked some West Coast mesh islands together tonight.  It took Erick, KG6WXC's polling software almost an hour to get through all the linked nodes, but it did, and the resulting network is shown in this screenshot.  Pretty cool.

How can I get mine linked>
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Where are you?
Where are you? Are you in So. Cal.?
If not and you really really really want to be on our map, then send me what you get back from loading this into your browser:
http://localnode.local.mesh:8080/sysinfo.json You *should* see a way to save that info to a file. Send me that file, There are ideas in the works to be able to have my map take a "snapshot" of the network it is running on and then submit that snapshot to a server so we can build up a "Mega Mesh Map". :)
(This is not even close to being done yet tho)
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Erick, KG6WXC's polling software
Could you please elaborate more on what is "Erick, KG6WXC's polling software" ?
Thanks in advance. 
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Announcement here
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Since that link is dead...
Try these: This is my "live" demo of the mapping system out on the internet: This is the git repo for the mapping system:;a=summary
(with instructions on how to set it up) and finally, this is a good link to what w6bi posted:
viva la!!
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Looking at the Repo, should
Looking at the Repo, should we try using the one labeled Mesh or Eric?
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I'm pretty sure the one labeled "Eric" is his dev repository.  I'd go with "Mesh"

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