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Network Mapping

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Network Mapping
Hello again to all. After having life get in the way for a long time, I have updated my mesh mapping system.
The few people who had the earlier versions *should* be able to update without much issues, but there have been many changes. You would probably be better off starting over from the earlier versions of my scripts (unless you know what you are doing and as always YMMV). A live demo can now be found at:
The data for that map comes from the Ventura/Santa Barbara Networks.
The links are updated every 5 minutes and the scripts poll for new nodes (or changes) once an hour. Those intervals can be changed via a .ini file. The git repository for the PHP code can now be found here:;a=summary The software can also now be cloned using the command: git clone https://mapping/ The newer changes consist of idea implementations, some bug fixes, and an "admin" type interface that allows for some maintenance of the database. Other things are being worked on, such as "parallel polling" where the script will spawn numerous "child" scripts and can poll an entire network in moments rather than taking 20-30 minutes to complete. (this *very* is helpful for large networks.) Anyone who is comfortable with PHP/MySQL (and a little Javascript) is welcome to contribute with development. I cannot think of everything and I have hacked this system together over the last couple of years. Comments/Flames/Ideas/Requests to contribute, should be sent to: I hope some of you get good use of this! 73 and thanks for reading!

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