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Unable to install tunnel FW on on Rocket M5 XM

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Unable to install tunnel FW on on Rocket M5 XM
Updated one of the Rocket M5 XM nodes from Nightly 1642 to  The firmware update went perfectly.  Then tried to install tunnel software on the node.  I get:
Package update failed!

Tunnel software needs to be installed.

I have tried the tunnel install many times along with many reboots.  Same result.
At the suggestion of Eric - KG6WXC, I did a logread immediately after the install failed.  There was absolutely nothing in the log for the time involved.

Note that I did install tunnel software for a USB150 without incident.
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Update - Worked the following day
Update 7/10 @ 2315
Tried again and it worked just fine.  Then did the second node and that also worked fine.

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