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Tunnel server

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Tunnel server

Any way to make a tunnel server in the cloud or just on a regular linux computer with out wasting  up a node that could be used for rf mesh?


I would love for development for Linux however it is not supported at this time. The only thing that pops to mind as a work around (and it may very well likely not work *shrugs*) is installing "virtualhere" ( ​ ) on your server and connect your other device to the serve that way?

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Tunnel server::wasting up

You could waste-up a Gl.iNet AR150 @ $26 plus s+h
and gain a local Wi-Fi Access Point.

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Was going to suggest same thing

Amazon currently has them listed at $44.99 + tax but just recently added back in a 10% off coupon (of unknown duration):

I highly recommend this device for certain applications, however it only works with the Nightly Build (until we get our next Stable version) and I think that the tunnel package does not work with other nodes which are running pre-current Nightly Build tunnels. If you can get your hands on a copy of the older v1234 Nightly Build, that works great in it (but you still can not install tunnels for that version any longer).

Don't recall if the MikroTik hAPlite runs the previous stable version, but if it does, that is a very nice device and would work well as a tunnel server IMO.

- Don - AA7AU

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hAP runs just fine.

Yes, the hAP does just fine with (have one running that here).

I dont mind using equipment

I dont mind using equipment but was thinking of a static ip address. And for 2.00 a month to spin up a virtual server.  Just thought might he a good solution 

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