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Tunnel and OLSR behavior

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Tunnel and OLSR behavior



There have been some recent olsr instability behavior on the greater mesh tunnel'd network around the world.


Here is a possible candidate for the root cause of what people are seeing.  Note, this is exactly the kind of data we want to confirm to ether keep or change a current parameter in the tunnel implementation--or provide the node admin with an ability to locally configure.


There are 2 options to define the tunnel link to OLSR:


1) "mode ether":    This is a high availability cat5 or  internet link.  ETX (link cost) will be "0.1".    If the link drops below 95% link quality, then OLSR will drop the link in the routing.   (Mesh traffic across the tunnel might trigger a link drop if your service provider's network is not very robust).  

2)  NOT "mode ether":   This is like an RF link characterization through the tunnel.  ETX will be "1.0" or greater.   OLSR won't drop the link until link quality falls below ~30%.


In checking the ETX values across the tunnel, we are running with #1 in the release.   If you have experienced any instability, find the offending tunnel, assuming this is the root cause, and remove "mode ether" for the tunnel interface in /etc/config.olsrd (and /etc/config.mesh/olsrd), then reboot or restart olsrd.


Please post if you can confirm and/or know that your tunnel  is experiencing this issue.



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