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TP-Link TL-SG108PE - VLAN help is needed.

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TP-Link TL-SG108PE - VLAN help is needed.

Hi everyone,

It is my first time playing with VLANs and so far I'm not that much successful!

So I have a TP-Link TL-SG108PE switch. I've been looking at this page ( to start with a basic configuration but it doesn't seems to be right (nothing works). So far you can see below what VLANs I have configured:

Ports 1-4 are POE and reserved for nodes. Ports 5-7 are LAN ports for devices. Port 8 will be WAN connection in selected locations otherwise will be LAN.

I will set a third and fourth node up to check if I can reach the nodes via radio and validate that VLAN 2 is properly working.

So far when I connect my laptop to ports 5-7, I can get to the node's configuration page on port 1 BUT I can't get to the node's configuration page on port 2... I made few tests, but I am a bit lost.

There is also PVID that I know nothing about and I suspect it maybe another problem...

I have to test VLAN 1 With only 1&8 as members... tomorrow maybe!

If someone have a solution and/or simple learning resources, I am ready to take everything you can throw!



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TP-Link TL-SG108PE - VLAN help is needed.

I recently configured a TS-SG108E for a neighbor mesher.
I copied this setup:

The omission a PVID configuration may cause your setup to fail.
I highly recommend copying the gs108e configuration if it suits your situation.
Else, I recommend configuring neighbor ports on the switch in the same VLAN.
e.g. port 1: node, port 2,3,4: LANs for node in port 1, port 5,6,7: nodes without a LAN,
port 8: WAN.

Ports 1-4 11
Port 5 22
Port 6 33
Port 7 44
Port 8 1

To get to a screen on a node on port 2,3,4 you will need to select it from the /cgi-bin/mesh screen of the node on port 1.
Nodes on ports 2,3,4 will display as '(dtd)' linked.

I hope this helps,

So following the logic behind

So following the logic behind the link you gave, I configured it that way:

So I actually have 2 sector connected for tests. So ports 3 & 4 are not connected. In fact I try to make everything works if I only provide 1 sector antenna. If I go up and add a new antenna latter, I want it to works plug&play without the need to have a laptop to reconfigure, could it be a problem ? I make this to have a standard setup for the 3 actually planned sites.

Also, unless I put both antenna on same channel, they do not see each other via the switch, so there is a networking problem somewhere I guess:

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What type of devices are you

What type of devices are you trying to connect and what is their firmware version?

TP-Link CPE510 (1x V2, 1x V3)

TP-Link CPE510 (1x V2, 1x V3). They see each other when over the air. the V2 uses the last release, the V3 uses the testing firmware provided by apcameron(github) that should be the actual nightly.

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That's it.   On (and

That's it.   On (and prior), those devices use the 2nd port for DTD/WAN...

Both V2 & V3 comes with a

Both V2 & V3 comes with a single port... So I will update V2 to last nightly and report back!

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(by bad.   I can't keep up...

(my bad.   I can't keep up...). ;-)

In fact it is not bad, but a

In fact it is not bad, but a very good point!
After updating V2 device from last release to Nightly they are now seeing each other in DtD link! :)

Now I will make node 3 & 4 and use them to connect devices to test networking and ensure everything works well!

Thanks for your idea!

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No worries.  Glad you got it

No worries.  Glad you got it working.

Thanks nc8q for the help! :)

Thanks nc8q for the help! :)

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