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TP-Link TL-SG108E network switch

TP-Link TL-SG108E network switch

The TP-Link SG108E network switch is fully usable as a VLAN switch with an upgrade to the latest firmware.

Confirmed that the TL-SG108E switch is fully usuable for VLANs with the latest firmware from TP-Link.
Obtain the latest firmware from TP-Link - the file name ends in V3_20171214 - see below.

Please Note: The new firmware works only on the TL-SG108E version 3 hardware. The older versions 1 and 2 hardware cannot be upgraded to this firmware version.

The older firmware would not permit modifying VLAN 1 as in the picture below:

The latest firmware permits modifying VLAN1 as seen in the picture below

Testing the new firmware with a configuration like the NetGear GS108E, we see that the TP-Link switch now works the same way. Not shown here are the PVID settings for all 8 ports. 

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