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TP-Link Internal Switch config?

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TP-Link Internal Switch config?
With the latest code, the internal switch in the Ubiquiti Nanostation XW hardware was converted to a vanilla, non-VLAN-aware switch, as far as I understand.

I put the latest code on a TP-Link CPE210 (v1.0) and found that its switch configuration is unchanged; the stock configure has VLAN 1 on the primary port and VLAN 2 on the secondary port.  This can be changed by modifying /etc/config/network, but it's a transient change; won't survive a reboot.

Are there plans to convert the TP-Link internal switch the same as has been done with the Ubiquiti?

Orv W6BI
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The TP-Link cpe220v2 has the
The TP-Link cpe220v2 has the same problem.
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The TP-Link devices are in
The TP-Link devices are in the queue :) to make the ports AREDN standard.   The newer hardware versions only have 1 port, thus not affected.  I've not investigated how easy or hard this will be.  But, let me take a quick look in case it is a simple change.

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