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TP-Link CPE210 (v2)

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TP-Link CPE210 (v2)

After I upgraded from ​1190-1272c57 to 1234-dcdd217, I now get the "​!!!! UNTESTED HARDWARE !!!!" yellow banner.  Did it go back to being considered untested hardware or was that just something accidently introduced in the new nightly?  The node has been working fine for many months and still does with this 1234 build.

Thanks, Mike ab4yy

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Mike, suggest trying the

Mike, suggest trying the current nightly images.    Need a support download to see what is going on.


I made a mistake in stating

I made a mistake in stating the problem (too many versions on on my PC).
I am running the latest (1307-5244948) and that is what is loaded and has the untested message.
Thanks, Mike

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