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TP Link CPE210

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TP Link CPE210

Can't find an AREDN firmware that will load into aTP Link CPE210 v2.8 hardware with internal v2.2 firmware.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


K4TTZ, Did you ever get this
K4TTZ, Did you ever get this figured out ? I just picked up one of these and it seems to be the same version as what you have, the v2.8 hardware. I'm going to take a run at it and see if it'll boot with the v2 firmware.
Enable SSH on the device and

Enable SSH on the device and connect to it with SSH
Please provide the output from
cat /dev/mtdblock2 | grep CPE210
Additionally provide the output from

Here's the mtd info, and I

Here's the mtd info, and I have attached the dmesg

$ cat /dev/mtdblock2 | grep CPE210

I tried to load the CPE210 V2 Latest Stable, and that seems to work I have not tested it with an RF peer yet. But it hands out DHCP ok. Looks good so far.

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Based on the information

Based on the information provided I see no reason why it will not work as long as you do not load an older version of the software on the device.
Stick to the latest Stable Release or the Latest Nightly Builds.

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cpe210 v2.8 reported working
Thanks Joe
Thanks Joe

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