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Strange 0.00 ETX entry in Remote Nodes List

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Strange 0.00 ETX entry in Remote Nodes List

My AirRouter is currently located in Las Vegas. It is connecting thru an M2 Rocket on my roof and then to Potosi and on. I just updated my AirRouter to last night's Nightly Build (thanks for some great new features). I have now found a very strange entry at the top of my Remote Nodes List (btw: I have this seen this [below] before on another node from someone else just recently). I do NOT have any tunnels or dtd links active.

This is what I'm now seeing at the top of this section, noname and 0.00 ETX, 4 hostnames and then all followed by over 1000 other more normal entries (now due to someone else's tunnel in place 3 or 4 hops away, between LV and Orange County):

Remote Nodes ETX Services

Is there anything else I can do or provide for troubleshooting?


- Don - AA7AU

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Don,  We see this when there

Don,  We see this when there is a bad services entry.  Find the owner of the services showing with node of ETX 0.0 and ask them to review their service definitions.   This happens when someone reserves an IP address for a LAN device, but gave it the same name as the Node name -- an IP conflict.   We have a recent change in the Nightly Build to check and prevent this from occurring.

Joe AE6XE 

ETX 0.00

this is similar to Don's post, except in this instance the real callsign is showing.    (I've substituted the real call with Xs)

Richard    ko0ooo


 dot.pngXXXXXX-hAP-217-RaspberryPi.local.mesh   Mesh Map
Node Report
W7DGU-HARC-HAPAC.local.mesh   1.10   Topo
N7HWM-HARC-M5R-OMNI.local.mesh   1.10    
KB7HTA-LVMESH-RM5S90-APEX1.local.mesh   1.10    
KB7HTA-LVMESH-RM5D30-APEX.local.mesh   1.20  


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