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[SOLVED ]Can't stop 3.22.12 AREDN SW from providing default route?

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[SOLVED ]Can't stop 3.22.12 AREDN SW from providing default route?

I just noticed this, but it's been ongoing for a while I suppose. Running on a TP-Link CPE510.

I have the CPE510 directly connected to a laptop via ethernet, and my home network is connected to the laptop via wireless:

I am NOT forwarding packets between the nets. I noticed today the the controls for advertising routes have disappeared from "Basic Setup" and at least the WAN route advertisement is now in "Advanced Config". (My "WAN" is disabled.) So now again, the CPW510 is advertising a default route to its LAN. I used to be able to disable it.

This causes my laptop to end up with this route table:

This causes problems. (Ignore the dupe route via wlp1s0 - it was a debugging sideffect.)

These days, how can I get the AREDN node to stop advertising the default route to the LAN? (the second line in the above route table.)


SOLVED: Can't stop 3.22.12 AREDN SW from providing default route
Aha! It turns out the "Allow my LAN devices to access my WAN" setting in Advanced Config stops the AREDN from advertising any default routes including the LAN. These settings are exactly what I need:

Route table: 


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