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Simple IP POE camera for a AREDN novice

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Simple IP POE camera for a AREDN novice

Does anyone have suggestions for a simple, cheap, POE, outdoor, video camera to be used to show the concept of AREDN remote cameras? Likewise are there a couple of clear, concise YouTube videos with hardware information that show basic setups?
Steve KI0KY

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The Reolink cameras are pretty straightforward to set up.   Viewing a video stream can be challenging, though.  I did a presentation about it last year and it's on YouTube.  It might be helpful.

Orv W6BI


I got a Reolink 823A to work, and streaming was straightforward from the web interface on port 80. 

The challenge I ran into was with DHCP: my Windows client on a different mesh node couldn't connect to the camera.  It turned out that the camera was requesting certain DHCP options, including 3: router, but not 121 or 249, which had the routers for the mesh.  Because I had "prevent lan clients from accessing wan" checked, option 3 was blank, and therefore, the camera had no route to get to any other node.

I did some experimenting, including forcing dnsmasq to send DHCP options 121 and 249 to the camera, but that didn't work.  In the end, I disabled "prevent lan clients from accessing wan", which allowed the camera to receive the option 3 gateway, and then other nodes could access the camera.


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Reolink 823A: Non-windows configuration?

Can this camera be configured without the Microsoft Windows operating system?

Previously, I acquired 3 cameras and they all required 'Active-X' or some other
MS-Windows proprietary software to configure.
73, Chuck


SV3C Bullet Cam

Couple of years ago I was also looking for something inexpensive to experiment with.

This model has worked well for everything I've used it for, but since it's not up 24x7, I can't speak to how reliable it might be.

-Scott,  K4KDR

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I have a couple cheap IP

I have a couple cheap IP cameras that don't really like anything but IE, or Edge in IE mode. But, they'll put out a stream that VLC can play without a problem. I uploaded a playlist file to the web server on my node, and advertise a link to that playlist. That will normally automatically open in VLC player on most machines, and, locally, we recommend having that, though the playlist is also compatible with other streaming video players.

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I have an AMCREST 5MP Dome camera.  The camera itself is $59.99.  You also need the power supply.  I like the web interface much better than the REOLINK cameras.  Streaming via simple via VLC and it also records via a local SD card, a local file share and/or remote cloud service.  So I can view the camera over the mesh or I can view it (for free) via the Amcrest cloud service.  NOTE: Cloud viewing is free, cloud storage ranges from $7 to $27.50/mo per camera depending upon storage retention time.  See:

The night time view is good - black and white infrared in total darkness, but very good.  If there's a descent amount of light around (i.e. outside lights on a home) it will record in full color.

$49.99 - Camera:

$39.99 - POE inejector:

If you can reach my node, you can check out my camera here:
U: guest
P: Password123

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Under $50 dollar wired waterproof ip camera

We'd like to deploy multiple self-contained AREDN kits during hurricane and other responses.
At the moment we're looking for a good waterproof ip camera match to a ubiquiti Rocket M5.
Self-contained = device, antenna, battery, solar panel, camera (4k), basic weather senors (temp, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rain collection would be nice but is optional).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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