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Simple IP POE camera for a AREDN novice

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Simple IP POE camera for a AREDN novice

Does anyone have suggestions for a simple, cheap, POE, outdoor, video camera to be used to show the concept of AREDN remote cameras? Likewise are there a couple of clear, concise YouTube videos with hardware information that show basic setups?
Steve KI0KY

w6bi's picture

The Reolink cameras are pretty straightforward to set up.   Viewing a video stream can be challenging, though.  I did a presentation about it last year and it's on YouTube.  It might be helpful.

Orv W6BI

SV3C Bullet Cam

Couple of years ago I was also looking for something inexpensive to experiment with.

This model has worked well for everything I've used it for, but since it's not up 24x7, I can't speak to how reliable it might be.

-Scott,  K4KDR

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