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Setup of hap AC3 with problems

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Setup of hap AC3 with problems

I flashed my new hap ac3 first with several nightly builds, and now with the official release. I always encounter the same problem:
In setup, I get this error while saving:

  • nv parameter 'MAC2' in file '/etc/config.mesh/_setup.default' does not exist

I saw a difference to my old hap device: The menu "LAN Access Point" is not available with the ac3 model
Also, the IP address in "Mesh RF (2GHz)" is left without an address derived from the MAC address (I am not sure if this happens after save)

73 de Andreas, HB9BLA

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you can try the Reset to
you can try the Reset to default values button and re-save
I seem to be affected by the
I seem to be affected by the same issue. It seems that the problem is that the AC3 somehow does not see the wireless interface and thus can't read the MAC address and as a consequence is not able to derive IPs/networks for the mesh?

Some steps I took:
  • reset values to default - no effect
  • reset to firstboot - no effect
  • uploaded the latest stable firmware again - no effect
  • uploaded the latest nightly build (20230722-7c158ea) - after doing this, the issue still persists but the behavior is more tolerant. It's now no longer stuck in the setup phase and I'm able to operate it, just without any wifi interface (Mesh RF, LAN, WAN WiFi). For my purposes this is ok for now.
After that I inspected the device itself:
  • ifconfig does not show any wireless interfaces
  • dmesg output revealed something that seems useful:
    [   15.661743] ath10k_ahb a800000.wifi: Loading BDF type 0
    [   16.030376] ath10k_ahb a800000.wifi: failed to fetch board-2.bin or board.bin from ath10k/QCA4019/hw1.0
    [   16.030441] ath10k_ahb a800000.wifi: failed to fetch board file: -12
    [   16.038891] ath10k_ahb a800000.wifi: could not probe fw (-12)
  • I couldn't immediately find any existing issue on github that would match
  • However, it seems there's other folks experiencing this with openwrt itself:
    • Looking at the debug steps they went through, it seems it's indeed the same issue on my end:
      ​# hexdump -C -s $((0x140)) -n 32 "/dev/mtd$(find_mtd_index hard_config)"
      00000140  cc 02 00 00 00 00 00 00  16 00 e4 0a 37 37 5a 4c  |............77ZL|
      00000150  03 23 a2 24 0a 00 18 44  89 f9 43 40 bf 24 00 04  |.#.$...D..C@.$..|
    • It seems the related PR is still not merged ( and I didn't have time to figure out if I can ~easily apply the PR to the AREDN source myself, build and test it to see if that fixes my issue too.
So that's where I'm at :)

It might be noteworthy that I had to do the initial flash of the AREDN firmware from RouterOS 7.6 because I wasn't able to find an image to downgrade to 6.x as suggested. I did not run into the boot loop described as the potential issue though so I think that's fine?
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I'm not sure that the ac2 & ac3 were supported in  Suggest trying the latest nightly build.

Orv W6BI
Hi Orv, on the Supported
Hi Orv, on the Supported Devices list the ac2 and ac3 are listed as stable and released ... both with target ipq40xx

Best, Ed
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I would tend to agree with
I would tend to agree with Orv - try a more recent version.
I am running RF just fine on my hAPac3 on 2.4 GHz - NOT the minus channels which did not work a few months ago.
FWIW, as mentioned my
FWIW, as mentioned my original reply, I used the latest nighlty build (20230722-7c158ea) for my AC3 and ran into those problems. I believe the fix has to come from OpenWrt (see the referenced issue in my post above) as it seems the kernel module for the ath10k wifi does not support a compression feature that newer ath10k firmware uses.

I know there are AC3 models that do work and it's a stable/supported platform for AREDN but I happened to get a device that doesn't work and there are other documented cases (such as HB9BLA who wrote the original post).

73, Martin
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NO Wireless on AC3

We also have one user with a new AC3 that doesn't seem to "see" the wireless interfaces.  Using the latest 0722 Nightly firmware (loaded and reloaded several times) - no difference. We do have other users units that are working perfectly.  There is obviously some sort of difference between these units but haven't been able to put our fingers on it just yet. Support file was submitted and it was confirmed that the Wireless interface modules were not loading for some reason.

And yet another ac3 flashed
And yet another ac3 flashed with no option to disable the Mesh and enable the LAN access point. I came from factory RouterOS 7.6 (couldn't downgrade as the factory was 7.6) via PXE server without any issues.
Admin page shows:
Current Version:      Hardware Type: (ipq40xx/mikrotik) mikrotik (hap-ac3)

Have done the following via the webgui:
Reset to first boot
Reset values
Default values
Flashing the router again with sysupgrade file via AREDN webgui and remove the 'keep existing config settings'

Support Data file downloaded as .gz (not .tgz) - I renamed the extension so I could upload it. 

Not sure what I did but tried

Not sure what I did but tried reverting back to RouterOS via Netinstall - no luck
Flashed rb.elf (AREDN) via PXE server and noticed in the basic settings area the settings looked good
Flashed (via AREDN interface) f/w verion 20231018-d6f6c4b  and LAN access and the mesh sections have the enable/disable checks.. 

Like I mentioned - not sure what it was that gave me access to the LAN Access and disabling the Mesh.

Again- support document downloaded as a .gz - it's been renamed to .tgz so I can upload here

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ac3 flashed
Beforehand, I tried to downgrade RouterOS and failed.
I was able to load AREDN firmware on my ac3 using the TFTP method.
I am running firmware version 20231018-d6f6c4b .

73, Chuck


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