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Setting up Winlink Post Office on MESH

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Setting up Winlink Post Office on MESH

An additional feature that can serve a useful purpose on MESH networks is the establishment of a WINLINK Post Office.  It's simple to set up and publish as an available resource on your node.  You will need to install RMS RELAY on a connected Windows computer.  We have many Post Office stations on the Southmesh system.  Maximum file size limit is currently 5MB per message as compared to the 100KB limitation on HF and PACKET RMS stations.

If you need help setting one up, just drop me a note and we can get started!

Tom - K1KY

I could use the help

I have RMS Relay set up as a Post Office and connected to my node.  I am able to check for mail by connecting by telnet to the IP.  I know I need to make port 8772 available as a service but not real sure on how to set it up to advertise as a service on the node.



Can I do this without paying Microsoft 100 bucks? I've got a Linux server that would be great for this.

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not sure how Microsoft is

not sure how Microsoft is related??

But, What I do is add a DHCP reservation to the PC hosting RMS Relay.
Then, I define an advertised service named "WL2K NPO 8772" assigned to that host.  I don't have it as a clickable link since there is no custom URI scheme (ie.  WL2K://mypc:8772) for Winlink (by default) on Windows.

K1KY, that may be a good feature request to pass along to the WL2K team. ;-)

Exactly what I needed

I had the DHCP configured.  Just got hung up on trying to make it a link.  All squared away and seems to be working.  Thanks!

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How to advertise winlink related services to MESH

I noted K5DLQ's recommendation to announcing winlink post office services: 

"What I do is add a DHCP reservation to the PC hosting RMS Relay.
Then, I define an advertised service named "WL2K NPO 8772" assigned to that host.  I don't have it as a clickable link since there is no custom URI scheme (ie.  WL2K://mypc:8772) for Winlink (by default) on Windows."

Thanks for that useful information. How would one identify/announce the P2P Winlink Express "service" (e.g. get the hostname and IP address of a connected or newly connected device running Winlink Express in P2P mode) out to the MESH? I also added the DHCP reservation on my mesh node (Ubiquiti AirRouter HP, KJ6HOV-Tunnel), but that does not seem to be sufficient for the IP of a locally connected (wired or wireless) MESH Node to be visible on the MESH. I use the "5 Host Direct" address assignment mechanism on my AirRouter.



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My research indicates that while there is a Linux version of the WinLink Gateway program, there is no Linux version of the RMS Relay Post Office. You will have to pay Bill Gates.  As thanks, he will periodically reboot your PC when you least expect it. An inbound port from the network would indeed be nice. There are none at present

Outbound Ports: (RMS Packet initiates the connection)   
CMS and localhost telnet connections: Outbound TCP/Port 8772
CMS database access: Outbound TCP/ Port 8775
Autoupdate: Outbound TCP/Port 8776
Program status reporting: Outbound UDP/Port 8778
Connection to Trimode to make an outgoing call, internal RMS Relay->Trimode TCP Ports 8510 and 8511.
No Inbound Ports from outside sites. 
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i got it.  thx.

i got it.  thx.

Has anyone tried RMS Relay under WINE on Linux??

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The tricky bit is that it uses dot net but ...
There is a report of doing that with "winetricks" 

Someone interested in trying this might contact the author of this page

This thread might be moved to the WinLink area (?)

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Linux version of the RMS Relay Post Office.

"there is no Linux version of the RMS Relay Post Office."
Five years later... OSAR goldfish!

Operating a Winlink RMS clone over Linux may require a detour via G8BPQ's linbpq or pilinbpq.
G8BPQ's NODE software can support a RMS as well as a BBS and CHAT ( and other apps ).
I now have a pilinbpq Winlink Post Office on our local AREDN network.

Winlink Express apps on the AREDN network will auto-magically discover properly advertised RMSs on the AREDN network. minutes 31 to 52.

The local Winlink guru that heavily assisted me has recently added his RMS on our AREDN network.
Now, when the local Winlink'ers brag about how much faster their 9600 baud ports are,
I remind them that in addition to my 1200 baud VHF port, I also have a 78,000,000 baud port.
3s, Chuck nc8q


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Your Offer Accepted

Tom (or anyone else),

I'll take you up on your offer if you are still available.

While I have experience with RMS Express & Relay in the radio environment, I am weak in all things IP.  I hope to have my first AREDN gear on the air next week and WinLink functionality is a priority after that.

Is there much I can be getting ready prior to or should I just wait?



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It's fairly easy to set up - If you still need assistance - contact me direct.
Tom - K1KY

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Direct contact?

I haven't found a way to contact anyone directly on this forum.  

I did find one link to a personal contact form, but access was denied.  Perhaps I'm not part of the club?

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Direct contact for RMS RELAY setup - K1KY

I was wondering about that - folks usually find a way to find me!  my callsign

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Now corrected - direct email contact enabled

An obscure permission was not enabled to allow direct contact between members of the AREDN community as intended. That has now been corrected.
Thank you for bringing this up.

Now, every Forum post will show the poster's call sign as an active link.Clicking on the link,say k1ky, brings up a user profile form with 3 tabs.The first tab shows how long the members has been a part of the community. The second tab allows you to track all content created by that person. The third tab allows you to contact the person via email directly.

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Success in Culver Ctiy, CA, The Heart of Screenland!

Many thanks to Tom Delker, K1KY for the assist in setting up our Standalone Post Office on our VLAN here.  We have not built a tunnel so our traffic remains strictly on the Local network.

Kevin Sherwood, AJ7C
President, Culver City ARES (CCARES)

setting up winlink post office on mesh


I'm working with some folks setting up AREDN Mesh pilot in Marin County (San Franscisco Bay Area) and need some guidance setting up RMS Relay.

I have a hAPac configured as a node/router/switch with:

Port 1 (WAN) connected to my home network
Port 2 (LAN) connected to a 2nd ethernet port on a Raspberry Pi hosting BPQ station (includes RMS telnet gateway AI6EE-10)
Port 3 (LAN) connected to a re-purposed windows computer hosting RMS Relay
Port 4 is open
Port 5 (LAN2) connected to a NanoStation M2 which passes power and data to a LHG XL 5 GHz on the same mast.

Need guidance in setting up RMS Relay, first question being: in the initial setup, do I choose to "Operate as a normal Winlink server that is part of the Winlink network" or "Operate as a stamd-alone netrwork "post office" storing messages locally?" Guessing the latter?

Is there any tutorial for dummies on this?

Bob ai6ee

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Normal Vs. Stand-Alone

Hello Bob,

If you intend your relay to forward messages from stations on the mesh to the Winlink CMS via your WAN Internet connection, then you would set it up as "Operate as a normal Winlink server that is part of the Winlink network".

---mark, KM6ZPO

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Abnormal mode?

Thanks for the clarifiaction above.

How about the case where you are a multi-node "mesh island" and NOT connected to the greater interwebs, but want to setup a Winlink Post Office type server on your mesh that will both:
1 - handle local mesh Winlink account traffic; and,
2 - occasionally connect over RF (HF/etc) to forward/pickup non-local Winlink traffic?

- Don - AA7AU


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