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Services not listed

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Services not listed
I've installed MeshChat on a hAPac currently running the latest nightly build;
current version: 1190-1272c57
hardware type: mikrotik (rb-952ui-5ac2nd)

I've intalled the meshchat package and it seems to work when accessing it through the URL.

It does NOT appear on the mesh status page even though it is set up in the advertised services.
Additionally, the meshchat zone did not update based on the Name in the advertised services page.

I am running another hAPac with nightly build ​1138-6e19994 that does display meshchat in the status page and does change the zone based on the name of the advertised service.

I've tried saving and rebooting, and still no service listed.

What might I be doing wrong? Any ideas?


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