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RouterBoard bugs

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RouterBoard bugs

Love the RouterBoard implementation!
There are some odd bugs which described here previously, but the GUI blew up so this redo is going to be brief.

1. Seeing "MeshNode" SSID even when the 2 GHz mesh is off.
2. Sometimes the desired  AP SSID does not get broadcast.
3. The "MeshNode" SSID shows up in parallel with either a 2 or 5 GHz AP SSID.
4. The channel choices on the AP change when going from 2 to 5 GHz, but not the other way.
5. Discovered 1-4 while trying to get the RB node name to propagate.  It was showing only an IP address on its neighbor.

Support files are enclosed.

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT

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response in another post

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