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RMS Relay on Linux

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RMS Relay on Linux

I am working to install RMS Gateway.  I'm using this URL: which speaks about CORE components, which refers to some other Linux distro, it seems.  I thought about installing RMS Gateway on an RPi2 w/ 96GB flash connected to a RocketM5+120°Sector on our mountain.  I don't expect much traffic, but is that Pi beefy enough?  I prefer Linux over damoldMScrap.

I have read Joe's comment on

I am using WinLink Express on my winders box.  Anybody know of a recipe to get us going with WinLink / AREDN email? 

TIA, Charlie KØTAN 


I know for sure the open source linux program PAT will run on a pi and do peer to peer Winlink via it's web browser interface.  According to the docs, it also does RMS Relay, if that is what you need is called.  

I think there is a 'PAT' package in rpi repository.  See if that is useful?

RMS Relay and RMS Gateway are
RMS Relay and RMS Gateway are not the same thing, but PAT still runs on a pi. :)

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