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How to send Winlink with just a PC and a Mesh Node

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How to send Winlink with just a PC and a Mesh Node

I have a laptop with RMS express ,  a windows 10 pc not being used for anything , a network switch , an NSM2 with an RF neighbor and an internet tunnel connection ( as a client ).   I want to be able to send a winlink email to the outside world using this equipment.  Is there any hardwdare I am missing ? What would I need to install on the spare pc ( to be a dedicated "server" ) ?

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kk4hpy,  you have the basic

kk4hpy,  you have the basic setup to use winlink.   Your switch would need to support 802.1q to access the internet via your NSM3, but this is not required, it is one of multiple options in using winlink.

Option 1:  P2P across the mesh network (no internet).   Configure Winlink Express to send email direct to other Winlink Express users over RF on the mesh network.  Configure the "Telnet P2P" session and "add station" to define how to send the email to a remote station.  They can do the same to send back email to you.  You would "open session" for tenet P2P and leave Winlink Express running and ready to receive your email.
Option 2:  Mesh network postoffice mail server (no internet) .   Install RMS Relay on a computer on the mesh network.  Configure all Winlink Express clients to send/receive email using "telnet P2P".  The RMS Relay computer is storing email and the intended user retrieves it when their ready to do so  
Option3:   Winlink CMS:   This requires an internet gateway on the AREDN mesh network.   Configure Winlink Express and open Sesion using "Telet Winlink".  This will reach out to the internet and send the message via the Winlink Common Message Server (CMS) on the internet. This will also retrieve your winlink messages sent to you via the CMS path.  Requires at least one mesh node on the AREDN network to be a "mesh gateway".
Option 4:  Combination Option 2 and 3.    The RMS Relay computer could be on a mesh node that has an internet connection, but do not advertised as a "mesh gateway", meaning there is no internet access for everyone on the mesh network.  This computer can still forward and retrieve email from the Winlink CMS.   It gives everyone on the mesh access to the Winlink CMS mail servers on the internet (communication to the world), but does not open up the mesh network to have other access to the internet.  I've not tested this option yet, but should work.


IP help

I'm attempting to set up Telnet P2P on two laptops that are not close to each other. Using AREDN. Which of all the IP addresses do I select? Not IP or IT smart. at all. Thanks in advance.

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Use the CMD window...

The easiest way is to open the Command Prompt (enter "CMD" in the Search window in the Task Tray).  Then type the command "ipconfig".  Look for the IPv4 Address.

Andre, K6AH


i knew how to do that but wasn’t sure which IP. Selected the MESH one 
and have that working connecting between the laptops. 
Now can’t get the system to send anything in the outbox. 
Oh well I’ll get it. 

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it will be a 10.x.x.x address

it will be a 10.x.x.x address on one of the interfaces on your laptop(s).

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