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Resolved: Port Forward from WAN to LAN not working

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Resolved: Port Forward from WAN to LAN not working

Can someone describe a method I can use to verify that the forward that I am creating in the web interface is making it to the 'guts' of the node?

Is there some command line foo that I can use to check it?  I am going to keep digging, but if you know off hand that would help.


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What are you trying to accomplish?

Can you briefly describe what you are trying to accomplish and the settings that you have made.  That way we are not trying to guess.

I have created a port forward

I have created a port forward from WAN to LAN for a rpi that is running sshd on standard port 22.

It won't respond to connections from WAN side.  However, if I make a forward from WAN to the 'localnode' at port 23 for telnet, I CAN telnet to the node itself, and then ssh from the node to the pi.

I am stumped at the moment.  Does the AREDN firmware have a firewall that is not allowing from WAN to LAN, and just the localnode, or should I be blaming the pi :).


It worked on an HAP.

KB9OIV, I'm doing just what you're trying to do for a RPi on my node (HAP lite) and it worked fine.  The only difference is that I chose a non-standard port for my forward.  So, the firewall rule sends traffic incoming on Port XXXX to the RPi at Port 22.  I can ssh into the Pi from the WAN network at <nodeWANaddress:XXXX>.

Maybe OpenWRT has Port 22 reserved for the node itself, even if sshd isn't running?

Ben N4CV

Thank you for your

Thank you for your suggestions.

That is a good idea, but I've already tried something like (outside port)<>(LAN port) of port 22<>port 22, and then i tried 6900<>22. 

I also tried a forward for NTP server running on the pi 123<>123 for UDP/TCP and that didn't work either.  

I am going to keep looking at this, it's probably something really stupid on my part.  

I am running latest 'beta' firmware.


So...I guess I forgot that my

So...I guess I forgot that my pi had a wifi interface still connected to the 'WAN' side of my test network.

Like magic, I turned that off and it all works now :)

Well, at least I learned a lot about OpenWRT and fw3 today!


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