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Problem with upgrading Miktrotik LHG XL 2

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Problem with upgrading Miktrotik LHG XL 2

Trying to upgrade my Mikrotik LHG XL 2 from to
Using the "Downloading AREDN Firmware" website, I downloaded:
Using Setup --> Administration, I uploaded the file and the page stated "Uploading Firmware".
After about three minutes the unit reboot and came back unchanged.  Tried several time with same results.
I then tried using "Download Firmware" on the unit.   Refreshed and selected from the list:
The unit started to upgrade and never came back.  It became a brick.  I had to reload the entire system by pushing the reset button on the dish, and reloading rb.elf, sysupgrade.bin and

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I've also bricked (or

I've also bricked (or whatever the correct term is) LHG's before, two times, but they were 5 GHz units.  I think (not 100% sure) that I may have attempted to do a sysupgrade with the wrong firmware, by accident.  I didn't think that could happen but the units sure were locked up and had be be removed from their outside locations and do the initial load.

The LHGs I have been using are LHG 5 GHz units (RBLHG-5HPnD-XL).  From the photo you attached looks like it might be the 5 GHz firmware and your unit is a 2 GHz unit?

- Mike

No choices
Thanks Mike for the response.
The file from "Downloading AREDN Firmware" website wasn't accepted.
The selection (see attached) from the "Download Firmware" for was only:
which killed the unit.
No other choices.
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Downloading firmware
Go to
Hover your pointer over 'Software'.
Click 'Download'.
Click the big red 'Download' button
Type 'lhg' into the 'text box'.
Select 'MikroTik RouterBOARD LHG 2nD-XL (LHG 2)'.
Click the blue 'Sysupgrade' button.
to upgrade your 'Mikrotik LHG XL 2 from to'.
Although, next, you may need to do a 'tftp' install.

73, Chuck
Didn't Work
I started with that file 4 days ago.  After the 3 min "Updating Firmware" there was no change, it remained

In investigating the problem, I found that the LHG dish wasn't processing the update.  When selecting the upload button and the "Updating Firmware" appeared, I refreshed the status and the status immediately appeared.  It actually didn't start updating.
I then tried uploading the present version and it took 3 min to reload the firmware.  The dish doesn't like something about the update.  Unfortunately it doesn't indicate any error message.

What did you mean, do a TFTP install.  When I used the file in the dish "Download Firmware" which was:
it bricked the dish and I had to reload the all of the firmware.  Starting with pushing the reset button on the dish, tftp rb.elf, downloading sysupgrade.bin and version
other way...
I don't think I had any issues with my LHG-5 XL (Don't have a -2), but an alternate way to force an upgrade is to use 'scp' to transfer the file to the node running Use WinSCP or your favorite linux command line. Drop the file in the /tmp folder. Then ssh in to the node and run sysupgrade -F ./tmp/aredn-
Need Help
Did port scan on node IP address.  Only port open was 80.
WinSCP was refused connection on port 22.
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try port 2222
try port 2222
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Alternate loading of firmware from AREDN device

Go to

Scroll up to
"As an alternative to using the node’s web interface, you can manually copy the sysupgrade"

73, Chuck
Problem Solved !
Thanks everyone for your help.
Chuck (NC8Q) got me headed in the right direction with his last post.  By using the "alternative" method, I was able to see the node response.  

Investigating further, I was able to determine the problem.  In my old "Mikrotik First Install Checklist" they used "factory.elf" to be rename "rb.elf".  In the new checklist, they use "initramfs-kernel" to be rename "rb.elf", which is specific to the device.
Using the correct rb.elf allowed uploading the version.


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