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Problem with Initial Install on MikroTik LHG with Nightly Build 2405

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Problem with Initial Install on MikroTik LHG with Nightly Build 2405

After installing the Factory file (rb.elf) for nightly build 2405 on a MikroTik LHG XL 5 ac (P/N RBLHGG-5acD-XL), the AREDN header shows up as NOCALL without any extension. I expect to see NOCALL-XXX-XXX-XXX. When the Sysuprade file is uploaded to the node, the node accepts the Sysupgrade file and I am able to connect to the node with a browser using the IP address. If I try to save the configuration with a Node Name and Password, I get an error message saying that I have an "invalid Mesh IP address". The Mesh IP Address displayed on the AREDN screen is

Update on 3/10/23:
I took a look at the Support Data file and it shows that the AREDN software is able to read the MAC address of the node. So, it appears that there is some reason that the AREDN software is not able to translate that into a 10-XXX-XXX-XXX IP address.

Nightly build 2405:
Factory software: aredn-2405-692fc8e-ipq40xx-mikrotik-mikrotik_lhgg-5acd-xl-initramfs-kernel.bin
Sysupgrade software: aredn-2405-692fc8e-ipq40xx-mikrotik-mikrotik_lhgg-5acd-xl-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

I have had the same problem with nightly builds 2368, 2378, 2390, and 2397.

The problem can be reproduced by following the standard MikroTik installation procedure as described under "Installing AREDN Firmware" ( and the MikroTik Installation Checklist (file:///C:/Users/johnk/Downloads/Mikrotik_First_Install_Checklist-2.pdf).

The Support Data file from the node and a screen shot showing the error message are attached.


John, KM6ZJT

Update on 3/11/23:
Same problem with build 2414.

GZIP File Attachment: 
This issue was documented in
This issue was documented in bug reports 747 and 750. The problem is fixed in nightly build 2423.
Many thanks to the AREDN development team for their quick response.
John, KM6ZJT

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