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Port mapping on AirRouter, 1 is DtD instead of 4

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Port mapping on AirRouter, 1 is DtD instead of 4
i set up two AirRouter with nightly build aredn-120-xxx.
Notebook on Lan Port 1 and M5 loco on Port 4 did not work.

Notebook gets a DHCP on Port 4 and Node is visible when connected on port 1.
So VLAN function seems to be switched.

Please change the picture under if this behavior is intended.

I'm using the AirRouter to advertise several services for a portable setup. This way there is no need for reconfiguring M5 nodes with the services every time when switching between Bullet, Loco and PowerBeam.

73 Timm DL4FLY
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Timm,  thanks for reporting.
Timm,  thanks for reporting. This is a bug report of porting the vlan tags to the latest openwrt release.  The internal ports and external port labels are likely opposite in number from low to high.   This is a simple fix we can push through in the next nightly build.

Be sure to upgrade to the current nightly build.  there are now changes to reduce the RAM usage and we're looking to determine if the changes are sufficient to be stable on 32Mb devices and if we can find more things to take out that won't affect core functionality.   The build you have currently loaded may not be problematic.

I have confirmed this on my AR HP with nightly 139, too. 1 DtD, 2-4 LAN, WAN is still correct. Ian
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this should be fixed in the
this should be fixed in the nightly #154 (and beyond)
154 looks good here. And I was just going to peel off my label and turn it around ;)

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