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How To Use AirRouter Ports

How To Use the AirRouter Ports

Here is a picture of how you can use the AirRouter or AirRouter HP ports.
​The lower power AriRouter is powered by a wall wart and barrel connector, while the higher power AirRouter HP is powered by the PoE injector.

​Please note that if you want to connect the AirRouter HP to the Internet, to to another network, you must:

  1. Connect the PoE port of a PoE injector to the WAN port of the AirRouter. This supplies power to the AirRouter and enables connectivity to the other port (LAN) on the PoE injector.
  2. ​Connect the LAN port on the PoE injector to your Internet or other network router.

​Please also note that Port 4 on the AirRouter is only used for Device-to-Device (DtD) connections to another AREDN node.


AirRouter port usage with AREDN firmware

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