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Not exactly a bug

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Not exactly a bug
I went through this this morning:

Main NSM2 on nightly build 221

Attempted to upgrade to build 247: removed vtun package, uploaded 247 nightly build

Ended up with apparent continuous reboot cycle, based on a repetitive ping success / fail cycle
and found this:

[obeach@jethro_house ~]$ ssh -p 2222 root@w6bi-vc-qth-2g
ssh: connect to host w6bi-vc-qth-2g port 2222: Connection refused

Power-cycled node; returned on build 221

Attempted upgrade 3 more times - same results; had to power-cycle to recover back to 221

Attempted to upgrade to build 234; went fine.

Attempted to upgrade to build 247 again.
Installed successfully
Reinstalled vtun successfully
Rebooted - tunnel server came up, tunnel connected


On a positive note, mesh status shows the tunnel link as 'tun' now.  Thanks, Joe!
I wonder if anyone else has tried build 247 and experienced something like this.

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Ironically, last night I
Ironically, last night I upgraded an NSM3 XM.  It had a slightly older build number and also has a tunnel.  I did a sysupgrade equivalent to today's nightly build images (a pre-test).   It succeeded.    Could there be anything else loaded or running on your NSM2 -- any differences that might explain?  Maybe some different combination of paths to get to the same end result that is different?   I didn't un-install the tunnel packages, rather only stopped the tunnel server. 

Joe AE6XE  
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Another test
It was pretty much a plain vanilla NSM2, but it had both tunnel server and clients active.
I'm going to upgrade another node to the 247 nightly build tonight.   I'm sure I won't be able to reproduce the problem   :-/
Orv W6BI
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Upgraded an NSM3 from build 192 to 247 - no issues...  I guess we can close this unless it pops up again.

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