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Not a bug, but

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Not a bug, but
So, the AREDN alerts are working properly, but what's to be done with this:

AREDN Alert(s):
(QST): AREDN v3.20.3.0 has been released

When the node is running a nightly build more current than that?  Maybe add it as a second line ("Latest nightly build is xxxx")?

Orv W6BI
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(That QST was just a sample
(That QST was just a sample broadcast message.).  ;-)
I "fixed" it.   (BTW, you can force a refresh on the AdvConfig page)
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Thanks, Darryl - something to consider is putting a broadcast when a new nightly build is available, and what features it provides and/or bugs eliminates.

Orv W6BI
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Yeah.  I've been considering

Yeah.  I've been considering writing a few AREDN Map database query scripts to generate messages for things like:

  1. nodes running non-current firmware
  2. nodes running nightly builds (with current nightly build version info, ie.  current nightly build number
  3. nodes with obviously incorrect lat/lon values
  4. nodes that have not updated map locations in over 1 year
  5. nodes running channel -2 and 20Mhz channel width


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I agree with Damon
I agree with Damon isn't it the point of AREDN collaboration and communication? Sending and receiving alerts is on top of the list? Thanks guys keep up the great work!

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Granted it will take years
Granted it will take years before everyone has updated to a new enough firmware in order to see the alerts, but the ability to push limited messages is highly useful.  The current best one I can think of is Night Build announcements.  Avoids having to go check every morning.

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