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Nightly build installation error - "Invalid Mesh IP address"

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Nightly build installation error - "Invalid Mesh IP address"

Installing nightly build 165 on a Nanostation M3 with AirOS (new out of the box, but I've had it for at least a year).
All went well until I tried to configure it.  Set hostname, password and distance setting  Tried to save the configuration but it errored out with
"Configuration NOT saved!
Invalid Mesh IP address"

I have the support data file.  I'll upload it when I figure out how to do it..

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Support File

It's attached.

Support File Attachments: 
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XW Hardware?

The part number on this M3 is  SWX-NSM3.  Could it be XW hardware??

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uboot, the bootloader of the

uboot, the bootloader of the device, will throw an error trying to load an XW image on an XM device.     It has to be a NSM3 XM.

I have build 165 running on my main node, an NSM3 on the roof.   However, I used 'keep settings' and have not configured it from firstboot.    I suspect I've seen this before and needed a browser clear-cache to resolve.


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Default values

Just a guess.
Click 'Default values', then reconfigure.
'' seems suspect.

HTH, Chuck

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False alarm

Between power-cycling the node, clearing cache, and I don't know what all else, the node got well. Thanks for the input.

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I've seen this behavior once

I've seen this behavior once before too.

same problem

Today, I ran into the same problem with a NanoStaion M2 and 3.18.9.  Is there a recommended solution?   FYI, just to try I typed in an address of and then got a error message "parameter 'MAC2' in file '_setup.default' does not exist".  I do not know if this is helpful information.  I did not snag a support file while in this state.  Apologies.

I thought I downgraded to 3.16.1, but it appears to have stayed at 3.18.9.  I ended up doing a few "default values" and re-entering a few times, but eventually it got to the default IP of and it is now working in a mesh network I'm setting up for a drill this coming Saturday.

Thanks for any help.


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If anyone can catch a device

If anyone can catch a device in this situation in the future, please capture a support download from the Administration page.     Maybe we can gain more insight in to what is happening.  Glad you got through the basic setup now.   

I got another one

Support bundle attached. Incognito window (to ensure no cache etc) didn't fix, default values didn't fix. Still IP.

Rebooting did fix it, but wanted to get the support data uploaded.

Support File Attachments: 
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K7DXS,  This is helpful and

K7DXS,  This is helpful and provides more data.   As near as I can tell this is hardware related or possibly something to do with the timing or bug during firstboot, things like initializing the flash overlay only occur at this point in time.   Everything is configured correctly in the firmware, but the wireless interface did not come up.  Thus, with no interface we don't retrieve a MAC address to then derive the IP address.   It's not clear why the wireless interface did not come up.  When it works after the reboot, this confirms the settings are correct.   

With this data, I'm not sure what action I could take to avoid the situation in the future.   I think I'll put in some code to provide a message to reboot if the wireless interface does not come up.  That might prevent someone from further banging their head against the wall and spell out the work around right away.  Hopefully, it didn't take you too long to find this forum post :) .


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