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New hopeful

I am just moving into Albuquerque from Seattle. I am looking into connecting and I have unsuccessfully tried to flash GL-iNet GL-AR750S-EXT. I used the GL-AR750 sysupgrade but it only ends up continuously rebooting and I can't get a stable IP from it. I was able to reload GL firmware and backup, so it didn't fully brick. Is the GL-750 not compatible? is what I have. is the generic. 

I wanted the external antennas as I placed SMA connectors in place of the tiny swivels on each side. Attached Picture

The only difference I see is PoE option which I have a switch on my rack to host PoE.

Thank you, 

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Is the GL-750 not compatible?
Dear KJ7CLT:

You did not mention which binary you were loading.

You seem to have the gl-ar-750-Slate.
The gl-ar-750-Creta is supported on current stable,

There are 2 sysupgrade binaries in today's Nightly Build for the Slate.

GL-iNET devices can be loaded with a sysupgrade because they already have OpenWRT on them.

73, Chuck


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