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New - AREDN's first USB Mesh device: GL-USB150

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USB and RJ45
I would like to use a Microuter plugged somehow into a GXP1630 IPhone.  That way I could have a self-contained portable mesh telephone.

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That explains it far better. 
That explains it far better.  If the phone can supply enough power via it's USB port, then it might be possible with just the right USB adapter.  I have a recollection that I did that once.  The adapter I have is USB-C on one end and a USB-A female on the other - and the USB150 plugged into that.  As I recall, the test worked, but the USB150 was quite a battery hog to the phone.  However it would not be hard to wire in an external power source so the phone battery was not trying to power the USB150.  The easiest way would be to get a short USB extension cord and pull out the power wires (almost always red and black).  Wire those to an external power source.
usb AND RJ45
I have a little external power supply that already runs the phone, and could also run the USB150.  But the phone has only an RJ45 port so I need some kind of converter to adapt the USB-150 male USB plug to the phone female RJ-45

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Ah, IP Phone, not iPhone...
Ah, when you wrote IPhone, I read that as an Apple cellphone, not a wired IP Phone.  OK, based on that, something like a GL-inet AR-750 may be a better choice.  That will provide an Ethernet LAN connection on the mesh that the IP Phone requires.  Likely similar to the photo AB7PA posted a while ago.
Several options

There are probably several options for creating a standalone mesh VoIP phone.  One shown below.
But unless the phone itself can support Ethernet over USB, then the USB150 may not be the easiest solution.

gli device
What model is shown in the picture?

Any small node will work fine
The picture shows an AR150, but any of the small nodes will work just fine.  Both AR300M16 and AR750 are still readily available.
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self-contained portable Wi-Fi telephone. Off topic.

This could be a VoIP phone connected to a mesh Wi-Fi network or
connected to an AREDN device configured as an Access Point or
connected to an Access Point whose WAN is connected to the LAN of an AREDN device.

This really sounds great, but where do you find them? Amazon says they are "Currently unavailable" and the don't know when, or even if they will be back in stock. They are nowhere too be found on EBay? A source anyone?

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They've been discontinued by the vendor sad, so eBay is your best bet.
GL-USB150 Microuter

Does anyone have a GL-USB150 Microuter available for sale or know of a place that still carries them?
Thanks, Joe, K8MP


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