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Mystery Mac address on Wi-Fi scan

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Mystery Mac address on Wi-Fi scan
I noticed recently that all of the nodes I've spot checked in our mesh (even in geographically different RF areas in different valleys) have a similar node lurking under "WiFi scan":

Mac Address:
EE:93:5A:69:75:97  (My Ad-Hoc Network)

Does anyone else see this doing a Wi-Fi scan?

If so, is this possibly the artifact of a index or buffer overrun? (It has no operational impact, but perhaps a bug nonetheless?) Or why would *all* of our nodes see this node, everywhere?

The node shows up on,, and

That is the network

That is the network identifier (IBSS  identifier to be technical) for you local area mesh network.  It's  the network that your mesh node can directly talk to other mesh nodes on.

Your entire mesh should share the same identifier when on the same RF channel and same SSID if there is a  RF hop at any time between mesh nodes (including mobile nodes)

It is when you see a "Foreign ad-hoc network" with the same SSID name as yours on the same RF channel that you need to start being concerned.

Thanks, that's helpful to know!

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