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Mesh service PI distro

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Mesh service PI distro

I noticed ONE other post from several years ago on this subject so I thought I might be able to bring the idea back to the front....Has anyone done a custom PI OS for mesh?
It would be very nice for simplicity and to help with getting everyone on the same page to have a custom flavor for a PI pre built for doing the services. I'm thinking that one MAIN distro would make emcom life much better. Building out a custom distro is beyond my brain to do. I was thinking, like the other thred had mentioned, a build preloaded with core mesh services.....
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Mesh service PI distro

On the Supported Platform Matrix list toward the bottom is the USB150. The USB150 is a USB dongle that can be flashed with the AREDN software and plugged into the Raspberry Pi to put the Pi on the AREDN network. There is no reason for a distribution with OLSR bound to the TCP/IP protocol in the Pi. Some one some time could make a TCP/IP plugin for the Pi but I have been told that it is not in the plans for implementing because of the access to the USB150

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Raspberry Pi distro for AREDN mesh SERVICES

The original post is requesting a PI distro for generating an SD/Mini SD software load for the PI that would have common SERVICES that would be available through the connected AREDN mesh node.

It is NOT asking for a PI distro that would make the PI a mesh node.
It is also NOT asking for mesh services (such as a PBX, Web server, Mapper program, File server, etc) to be added to the firmware load that runs on an AREDN mesh node.

This is probably NOT a task for the AREDN development team but for one or more of the Raspberry Pi experts out there that can look at the mesh SERVICES that run on a Pi and bundle them so you don't need a separate Pi for each SERVICE that you want to run.  A Pi stack with three Pis may look cool, each one plugged into a separate port on your hAP but if you can do the same thing with one Pi I think that would be preferable.

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ke6bxt's picture Raspberry Pi distro for AREDN mesh SERVICES

Agree with ke6bxt comment.
Something like the Build-a-Pi script, but only with AREDN services to choose from.
Just supply with callsign and credentials, and the apps get built, ready to rock! 

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EXACTLY!I was thinking....

EXACTLY!I was thinking.....smoke signals.....A common build for a pi that could host the services listed on the node.

The GITHUB address didn't come up....404

try this

try this link...

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