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Help? Problem Rocket M2 XW

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Help? Problem Rocket M2 XW

I have an oilder XW Rocket M2 that has been a problem since forever. I *think* it was a rescue/used node but not sure. After lots of frustration I threw it in a drawer and slammed it shut, humbled by the many unsuccessful attempts to make it work. Seemed like the LAN connection would just never behave.

Until I recently, when I read of a new nightly build for the USB type (this is not) based on the older 71 firmware,

I was previously able to load 3.19.3.x on it and even did an over the air update to using the goofy "MeshNode2G" wifi link that always came up, but it would never fully setup,. I would change the name, password, even the size of the LAN fro 5m to 13 etc, but when I pressed "Apply" I always got:
Configuration NOT saved!
parameter 'DTDMAC' in file '_setup.default' does not exist

On reboot, it actually would have saved the name, LAN size and other stuff but NOT the password and not be responsive on the LAN connection, just the same old goofy "MeshNode2G" wifi link on ...

So I did an over the wifi upgrade to the Nightly Build and had the exact same thing happen. OLSR won't start apparently and despite showing a legitimate IP on the details screen it hadn't been assigned. Somehow these interfaces are screwed up due to one "missing" parameter. Tried "first boot" tired "do not save settings" and reloading nightly build, bashed head against wall and am now on the way to an adult beverage or two.

If anyone can help, I grabbed the support file as well as some data from a couple screens:
current version: 359-10ff6f5
hardware type: (ar71xx/generic) ubnt (rocket-m-xw)

shows LAN IP of (114-126) and Mesh IP of so it's spinning the addresses, just not applying them. Also shows to be on -2/10 ...

Here's some of the main screen:
Wifi address    none
LAN address / 24
default gateway    none
Channel    11
Bandwidth    Mhz
Signal/Noise/Ratio    -37 / -95 / 58 dB   
firmware version    359-10ff6f5
system time    Mon Feb 15 2021
15:34:08 UTC
load average    8 min
0.11, 0.10, 0.05
free space    flash = 800 KB
/tmp = 30108 KB
memory = 46736 KB
OLSR Entries    Total = 0
Nodes = 0

Any help appreciated. I have  2.4 dish just waiting to put this in and a place to use it in our mesh island but my hopes keep getting smashed.

- Don - AA7AU

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Are you downloading this

Are you downloading this version, File: aredn- ?

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parameter 'DTDMAC' in file '_setup.default' does not exist

Nope, didn't try last stable but instead download and installed latest nightly build (aredn-359-10ff6f5-ar71xx-ubnt-rocket-m-xw-sysupgrade) over - no version will enable the LAN interface nor the Mesh interface, only the Wifi interface.

Found other mentions of that strange error message:
Configuration NOT saved!
parameter 'DTDMAC' in file '_setup.default' does not exist
in other posts here from past years but no one seems to have ever explained it. Even doing a full TFTP initially (last year) for the 3.19.3.x rescue attempt didn't give a useful/different result. It took many attempts to get the TFTP install to work, won't go thru that process again for this node.

My guess is that it's either a very strange setup bug in OpenWRT/AREDN or the node has some toasted interface hardware. I don't understand support files, so I was kinda hoping Joe would ride to the rescue with some clear-cut analysis of what the true node status it.

I've worked with a lot of different nodes over the past couple years, but this one take the cake. Perhaps it's time to give it a Viking Funeral.

- Don - AA7AU

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I would treat it as if it still had UBNT firmware and therefore do a fresh AREDN load using the factory file viat the TFTP method.

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