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Heads Up: New Mikrotik BaseBox board revision breaks AREDN/OpenWRT

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Jim,  let's clarify the

Jim,  let's clarify the failure or problem statement.  Before, the devices could be flashed, but booted with a missing wireless interface, the node couldn't get through basic setup to save anything or be configured.    This data shows a node with a recent nightly build image flashed and setup running with the 10.x.x.x address range.  So it is past the point of the prior issue.  I'm not seeing anything jumping out in the data, it looks like a normal configured mesh node. 

Joe AE6XE    

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Looks like the Nightly Build was the fix.

New basebox5 - Issue resolved

Hi Joe. I'm Tony, WH6DVI and I'm working with Jim, NH6HI on the BaseBox5 units here in Hawaii County. I re-flashed it with the latest nightly build (6/30) and everything seems to be working fine. Thank you for your help.


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